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    I feel obligated that although I don't do many transformers that I still post some art here- so here's stuff from the automate universe

    Automate Walker
    The Automate Walker unit, aka "The Ostrich" is a scaled down, more mobile version of the Automate Tank concept. It's legs are designed to maneuver throughout city battlefields an astonishingly fast speeds- capable of reaching 65mph at full sprint.

    Welcome customers! You have just purchased a (an) [Anguish Type PellMell]
    ---This product is one of our more popular choices for those seeking a warfare unit outside the limits of our Automate model. You should be more than pleased with the firepower and durability of our unit.
    Best of Luck,
    Endless Faith Inc.


    Vladimir COBa
    Vladimir COBa is walking relic of the old Russian COBa project. Near the end of the war, after nukes had already fallen, many strange experiments were carried out using the newly independent Automate Complex. Vladimir is cognitive due to having adapted and simplified such a Complex, but at a cost. In exchange for having a brain, Vladimir, while being highly intelligent and cunning, has difficulty perceiving and reacting to emotion. Unlike the similar Chinese project, Little Bird, the COBa robots don't hide the fact that they're surveillance units- they wanted people to know they were being watched.

    Professor Yiff
    A really weird idea given by Gregory Austrow
    it's a squid... assassin
    The Squids have always been in a tight relationship with the Crabs on their homeworld of Europa- until the nukes started flying on Earth
    Using their years of covert operations and collected knowledge of Earth, the Crabs intend to make Earth into a second homeworld using undercover agents posing as humans.
    Professor Yiff is on a trip to counter their operations. His nuclear generator sniper rifle can hit a target nearly twelve miles away.


    Kung Fu Frog
    Picasso the Kung Fu Frog was one of four genetic hybrids that escaped post the war- and like all great outcasts, picked up a life of violence for a living.
    Now his brothers are dead and only Picasso remains. He continues fighting not for the love of it, but rather have the opportunity to see his comrades die in battle and perhaps feel something- even if it is pain



    The engineer is one of the more important, yet minor characters of the Automate universe. Before many of the events of the story took place the Engineer was one of the top scientists at Endless Faith. It was there that he help oversee the development of the Enigma and Jerry project as well as lead the invention of the Automate Complex. However his true importance came to light when he became Enigma's handler... and she began developing feelings for him.

    Mercenary Mic
    Mics an introvert, but his alternate personality, Mercenary Mic, is not. One minute Mic meets the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, the next he's being inducted into the "Unlucky Thirteen", a group of highly trained killers sent to stop the Robot Hoard from taking over the Wasteland. But the leader of the Hoard is his love at true sight? Shit.

    Captain Wren
    Dust suddenly sprang up around them. A shimmer. No. Something moving incredibly fast. It came at the blonde teen, sword high in the air. She carefully dogged and was replaced instantly by her two black suited body guards. Swords clashed with high plated arms.
    There was no mistake. The boxy head and fleshy body; this was the creature with the head of an automate and the body of a man, the hero of Mic’s childhood, the leader of the Trenchcoat trio. It was Captain Wren!


    Anna is Meg's sister who is the worlds damn best swords fighter. Like her sister, she was produced in the super solder program taking advantage of the fact that girls are just better than guys. Since they were engineered during the Spongy War, both her and her sister are probably around 100 years old, despite appearances. It is said they know everyone in the Wasteland one way or another and run occasional small businesses to get by. Anna is more into the fighting than her sister, but Meg's setting up shop everywhere they go has kept her mostly out of fighting... as much as her sister knows.

    Mic first laid eyes on Betty durring the Hoard's attack on Lastpost, it was love at first sight. Turns out, however, that Betty is the Queen of the Robot Hoard. Even though Mic would do anything to win the badass teenager over, Mercenary Mic has other plans. If only she didn't want to take the Wasteland for herself...

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    Nice! I'm getting a Metal Gear Solid vibe from these drawings.