7th Spanish Transfans Convention

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    From October 1st to October 3rd, 2010 the seventh edition of the Jornadas de Transfans Españolas convention (JDT) will be held in the spanish city of Zaragoza. This convention, formerly known as Jornadas de Transformers Españolas, is the annual meeting in which Spanish fans celebrate their passion for these toys through exhibitions, lectures, contests and activities.

    This edition will hold the following contests, in which transformable toys prizes worth over 300 Euros will be awarded.

    One of them will be a custom contest, open to everyone, everywhere. Up to two Custom figures can be presented for each contestant, and a first and a second prizes will be awarded. Also a special prize will be awarded for the audience's favourite. The prizes will be worth 100, 50, and 50 euros respectively. No attendance is necessary, as you can send your customs to the JDTn, and after the Convention they will be delivered back.

    Check our news and contests rules (in English) in our homepage: www.asoc-acat.es

    Keep an eye on this website to get the most exciting updates about the convention!