7-11 Taiwan Age Of Extinction Giveaway

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    新莊 Taiwan
    Another one of the many AOE marketing giveaways here in Taiwan. This time it's from 7-11 with plastic carry bags that can become L-folders (folders that fit 8.5 x 11 sized paper, sealed along one side, and at the bottom).
    After removing the top and side of the bag, it (dare I say) transforms into the L-folder.
    Free with purchase totaling over NT$154.

    Available only on the following weekend days:

    June 28 (Sat) - Optimus Prime
    June 29 (Sun) - Autobot team
    July 5 (Sat) - Bumblebee
    July 6 (Sun) - Optimus, BB, Lockdown
    July 12 (Sat) - Grimlock
    July 13 (Sun) - Drift
    July 19 (Sat) - Lockdown
    July 20 (Sun) - Strafe (w/Optimus)

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