3rd Party Star Seekers?

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    With the Hasbro release of Thundertron I got interested in looking up stuff on Tfwiki and may try and learn more of the comics. I liked the look for the most part of Hasbro Thundertron aside from the stupid gimmick weapon but DR. WU's starsaber's do seem to look great in his hands. My question is this; from what I have seen Axer doesn't seem to have actual photos and I like his "back story" What 3rd party would you like to see do the Star Seekers and would you be interested in them if they were made?

    1) Fansproject; Always fair in price for what you pay for and turn out great figures more often then not. Would fit well in the causality line with Thundertron possibly being in the Warbot line slightly how they plan to do Menasor.

    2) Mastermind Creations; A company always evolving and amazing detail. Look at the evolution from Cyclops to the Seekers. Can easily say I am looking forward to their Predaking as much as I am FP's Menasor.

    3) TFC; Unlikely but possibly after their combiner fix this would be something they could venture into.