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    Welcome to my sale/trade/want thread. Please, consider the following before messaging me:

    - I ship from Europe (Belgium);
    - No price is set in stone;
    - When paying, please either add 4% to cover Paypal fees or use the gift option;
    - Trades are welcome but please keep in mind that I won't be interested in trading cheap stuff only because of the high shipping price;
    - Since most of the figures I'm selling have been opened once only, out of the box pictures come from the Web. If you need any specific pic, do not hesitate to ask.


    UK, NL, DE & FR: $18 from 0 to 10kg/22lb
    Rest of Europe and USA: $36 from 0 to 5kg/11lb
    Rest of the World: $72 from 0 to 5kg/11lb
    FREE SHIPPING to UK, NL, DE & FR on orders over $160. $18 DISCOUNT FOR OTHER COUNTRIES
    There's no cheaper shipping option, not even for the smaller items.

    For sale:


    FC KP-06B (Super articulated hands for Masterpiece Black Convoy) - On card CURRENTLY ON EBAY
    Hands only, no gun.

    KFC KP-09 Limited Edition (Super articulated hands for Masterpiece Star Saber) - CURRENTLY ON EBAY

    Masterpiece Collectors coins lot CURRENTLY ON EBAY
    MP-10, 11, 11S, 11SW, 11T, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

    Bandai S.H.Figuarts Tokusatsu

    Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto - MIB CURRENTLY ON EBAY

    Kamen Rider Gatack - MIB CURRENTLY ON EBAY

    Bandai Ultra Act

    Ultraman Tiga Renewal + Tiga Sky & Power Type (Tamashii Web Shouten Exclusive) lot - MIB CURRENTLY ON EBAY
    Taken out of the box once to check if everything was OK then put it back in box.


    Bandai MG Patlabor Shinohara AV-98 Ingram 1 - Loose CURRENTLY ON EBAY
    Build but not glued nor painted. The manual is included as well as the decals (none were applied). The reflective stickers are applied (shoulders, ribs, waist). The accessories are included except for the optionnal small collar lights but the covers for the light holes are included.

    Video games

    Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY Essentials (EURO) - Sealed CURRENTLY ON EBAY
    For PS3.

    God of War Platinum (EURO) - Complete CURRENTLY ON EBAY
    For PS2.

    Soul Calibur III Platinum (EURO) - Complete CURRENTLY ON EBAY
    For PS2.

    Free instructions:

    Alternators Windcharger
    Crossovers Hulk
    Crossovers Iron Man
    Cybertron Deluxe Landmine
    DOTM Deluxe Topspin
    DOTM Leader Ironhide
    HFTD Voyager The Fallen
    RID Landfill
    ROTF Deluxe Premium Bumblebee
    ROTF Leader Jetfire
    ROTF Voyager Megatron
    ROTF Voyager The Fallen
    Universe Bruticus

    Would trade for (good state & coming from smokefree house only):

    MMC Jaguar
    Riobot Anubis
    Riobot Mazinkaiser
    S.H.Figuarts SDCC Broly
    Saint Cloth Myth 1st & 3rd TV Cloth: Hyouga, Shiryuu, Shun, Ikki
    Super Famicom (complete and good state only: with box, manual, tray, clean cartridge, no scratched/stained label, etc.): too many to list, if you have some to trade for my stuff, please send me your list
    Genuine Nintendo branded N64 controllers MISB
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