Heavy/Scratch: 3mm BMOG-inspired weapons

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    Being a big fan of BMOG, and self-teaching CAD, I thought it would be fun to see if I could recreate the BMOG weapons in a much smaller scale. Trent Troop asked if I not sell these in my store, which is fine as they are total knockoffs of his designs, but he said I can still make them for myself and display them as fan art. So here they are! The only Micro-sized versions of the BMOG weapons you are likely to see.

    So here are the first test prints... Several of the weapons that make up Ursenal done at 60% size, so toys with 3mm grips can hold them. I added some fun surface detail to the face of the hammer to look like the rabbit face sticker.

    I had to make a few simplifications, but the basic shape and all the connections are there, meaning when I'm done it SHOULD still assemble into a bear, rabbit, or whatever.

    The hammer, missile launcher, machine gun and combat claw seem to be ready to go (Full Micro Bear, Micro Manta and Micro Platypus designs are all under development):

    98224014_1610665532424194_885926773911453696_n.jpg 99118447_2962222200493875_3726668300113936384_n.jpg 99291140_240575927006103_6144930291594035200_n.jpg

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