35th Anniversary Optimus Prime box not translated, shows English x5 instead

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    I picked up my 35th Anniversary Siege Voyager Optimus Prime and Megatron at a Walmart in Pennsylvania back in November when the displays first started appearing. I didn’t notice this at the store, but after I got home, I realized that instead of having the English, French, Spanish, German, and fifth language (Portuguese?), my Optimus Prime box actually just repeats the English phrases five times.

    1277DDFF-895E-452B-A76E-031A826626D6.jpeg A573ADFE-1D99-443F-B9AB-C46B00E3270E.jpeg

    I took comparison pictures of Megatron’s box, where you can see that the different phrases were translated into each other language.

    C2832DDF-9DC8-4E3A-97B5-FF4AF44D7C69.jpeg 1C9E49F6-6C38-457D-9028-BF59FF8E2E0F.jpeg

    Does anyone else’s Optimus Prime only know English? Or does anyone have a 35th Anniversary Megatron that’s only in English? Haha :) 
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