25th Anniversary: 5 Best Episodes from Any TF Series

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    This is discussed at regular intervals, and with almost another TFA season (hopefully not the last!), it's time to visit it again.

    Here are my favorite 5 Best Episodes from Any Transformers Series over the last 25 years:

    1 - Beast Wars - Code of Hero

    The penultimate episode of any Transformers series. Best 22 minutes ever spent on any episode. The years of working on quality shows like the original MOTU shows why Bob Forward rules as a writer, director, and storyboard artist.

    2 - TIE - Transformers: Animated - Thrill of the Hunt
    2 - TIE - Transformers: Animated - Five Servos of Doom

    Lockdown is simply awesome in both episodes. We really get an understanding of Ratchet and Prowl and their histories in both episodes, both end tragically in the past but triumphant in the present day.

    3 - G1 - Five Faces of Darkness: Part 4

    Rodimus Prime. Matrix. History of Cybertron. 'nuff said!

    4 - Transformers: Cybertron - Guardian

    Vector Prime makes his final sacrifice to grant access back to our universe. Although seemed hokey in the first airing (for me not the actual air date), it has become one of my favorites.

    5 - G1 - Kremzeek!

    Funniest episode of all time for any Transformers series.

    It is also one of the few times where you can tell where the timing was off on some of the spoken lines in the recording studio, especially Optimus Prime's response explaining Kremzeek was responsible for destroying the factory instead of the Autobots or Decepticons themselves.

    Inferno making a significant appearance is one of the reasons this is my favorite. Take note three out of the four Autobots chasing Kremzeek are primarily colored RED. It's funny to see Jazz taken out twice due to animation errors.

    And two honorable mentions both containing Rhinox:

    Beast Machines - Revelations Part 3: Apocalypse

    Rhinox declares why he is loyal to BW Megatron and walks away from the Maximals. And the following episodes where he is still alive are good too.

    Beast Wars - Dark Designs

    Evil Rhinox. Explains how he can turn in Beast Machines. Very funny lines especially with several exchanges between the Big R and Megs and with Waspinator's non sequiturs. 'nuff said!
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    Man, this is so hard. I'll do my top 25 for 25 years of awesomeness
    25."Fistful of Energon" (Animated)- Lockdown, Starscream, and Prowl in one episode = sheer awesomeness

    24. "Cybertron" (Cybertron)- The battle at the beginning as well as the revelation brought this as one of the best episodes ever

    23. "Lost and Found" (Animated)- Blitzwing and Lugnut stole this episode.

    22."Darkness" (Cybertron)- Best recent Megatron-centric episode ever

    21. "Retreat" (Cybertron)- Best moment of this episode (Screamer taking on all the Autobots) makes this whole episode enjoyable

    20. "Decepticon Air" (Animated)- Optimus homaging some of the best action movies as well the closest to being a Decepticon-centric episode made this a winner for me

    19. "Coming of the Fuzors" Part 2 (BW) - Western showdown that has the best way of ending it- The return of Primal!

    18. "Commandos" (RID)- This episode showed the true antagonists of the series in action

    17. "Victory" (Beast Wars)- This episode displayed how much of a grand schemer the Megs in this series is

    16. "Optimus" (Cybertron)- "Sheer arrogance! Do you honestly think the Autobots fight these battles for you, Optimus? ... We are here, all of us, because we want to save our homes and put an end to Galvatron's evil! ... Because of you we fight together as a team! Every single leader throughout history worried about the welfare of his forces when they went into battle, Optimus! But you must trust them to do their duty!" That speech as well as the climax of this episode were amazing.

    15. "Mortal Combat" (Armada)- Showcased what a real final battle should be like between Optimus and Galvatron

    14. "Transwarped" Part 3 (Animated)- Man, one of the most deep episodes-"We do what we must, even if it sometimes doesn't make sense."

    13. "Two Faces of Ultra Magnus" (RID)- Shows RID can have a well-written character in the form of an Ultra Magnus who can deal with it

    12. "War Dawn" (G1)- How the one of the greatest rivalries in animation began

    11. "Return of Optimus Prime" Part 2 (G1)- He's back!

    10."Call of the Wild" (Beast Wars)- This episode showed why this is called Beast Wars. "Remember, do not fight your beast instincts. Let them help your robot forms both in battle and in peace. But for now, let us maximize (transforms into robot mode), AND SLAG SOME BUTT!"

    9. "Challenge" (Cybertron)- So many battles that were great physically and morally- Leobreaker and Snarl vs. Scourge comes to mind

    8. "Bridge Too Close" Part 2 (Animated)- This episode began the run of awesome episodes of Animated with the biggest three-way battle I've seen

    7."Rebellion"(Armada)- An amazing well written and dubbed episode centering on the Decepticons

    6."Mission Accomplished"(Animated)- This episode has every character doing something and the episode's concept was well executed

    5."Thrill of the Hunt" (Animated)- Ratchet's past revealed and it showed a Cybertronian who is awesome incarnate in the form of Lockdown

    4. "End of the Line" (Beast Machines)- One good season finale with a crazy cliffhanger as well as some twists at the end

    3. "Five Servos of Doom" (Animated)- Gee, can anyone guess why I like this episode?

    2. "Code of Hero" (Beast Wars)- An episode honoring one of the best characters in animation. What else can you ask for?

    1. "Agenda" Part 3 (Beast Wars)- What can I say? I'm a fan of big battles in episodes. The one in this is the best example. Add that with the G1 references as well as one of the greatest cliffhangers in animation. And you have a great episode.
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    1) Code of a Hero
    2) War Dawn
    3) Transwarped
    4) The Agenda Part 3
    5) The episode of Armada where Starscream died.
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    1. war dawn
    2. key to vector sigma
    3. 5 servos of doom
    4. a bridge too close
    5. transwarped
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    1. G1 - The Return of Optimus Prime (1&2)

    For me, this ranks as the best episode of Transformers, period. Is it well written? No. Are there animation errors? Yes. But come on. As a kid, hearing Optimus Prime's voice again, seeing him standing next to Galvatron and going (ZOMG DOES HE KNOW THAT GALVATRON IS MEGATRON!?), and the Optimus Prime v. Rodimus Prime fight? Especially after seeing "Dark Awakening" not long before? It was epic. And to see Optimus Prime is alive and staying around, and that Rodimus Prime had become Hot Rod again, it was just awesome. I searched for this episode forever until they all came back out on VHS from Rhino years and years ago.

    2. Animated - Transwarped (1, 2, & 3)

    How do you start off the last season of Transformers Animated? Let's see, you get Judd Nelson to play the role of "Rodimus" again for the first time in over 20 years, you showcase a whole bunch of new characters (Strika, Cyclonus, Spittor, Oil Slick, Blackout, Hot Shot, Red Alert, Brawn, new Sari), you bring back fan-favorites like Headmaster, and Shockwave totally blows the hell out of Blurr. Wow.

    3. BW - Code of Hero

    Dinobot goes down in a blaze of glory. Finally decides that he's going to be a hero, not a villain, and takes out every single Predacon as he goes offline. The funeral was touching as well, you really felt like an awesome character died. Of course, you ruin it by bringing back the "clone" only to have him "remember" who he is in the series finale. Wasted potential and really kind of made me look less fondly on Dinobot's death.

    4. Armada - Cramp

    Starscream (Thundercracker colored) and Galvatron finally have at it. Starscream wants Galvatron to join in an alliance with the Autobots to stop Unicron, but Galvatron refuses. So they fight to the end, and as Starscream slowly begins to die from the Star Saber being stabbed in his chest, he fires a puny blast at Unicron, who turns around and incinerates him. The sacrifice made Galvatron realize that Starscream was right, and he needs to join with the Autobots to stop Unicron. It was the best Starscream I have ever seen in any series to date.

    5. RID - The Decepticons

    It brought the Decepticons back to Transformers afer being gone for 10 years. Seeing Scourge and the Combaticons come to life and the famous symbol brought back after years of Predacons and Vehicons ... it was awesome. Personally, I believe the "ROBOTS IN DISGUISE" series to be the turning point in Transformers, bringing it to the level of popularity it is today.
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    I...I can't decide.

    Among my favourites are:


    Thrill of the Hunt: This episode made me love Animated...and Prowl. Seeing Prowl KICKING THE LIVING SHIT out of Lockdown after the rest of the Autobots got taken out easily was the most awesome TF related thing I have ever seen.

    Lost and Found: Blitzwing. He has the best lines in any TF show.

    Bridge Too Close: Awesome 3 way battle. "YOU'VE JAMMED UP MY GEARS FOR THE LAST TIME, AUTOBOT!!!" is an awesome line because Megatron makes it sound so awesome.

    Transwarped: Blurr, Headmaster, the introduction of a Sari who is useful and likable, the only thing it was missing was Blitzwing.

    Five Servos of Doom: Good backstory for Prowl and good fight scenes.


    That one where Starscream dies.


    S.O.S Dinobots
    Heavy Metal War
    The Insecticon Syndrome
    Attack of the Autobots
    Desertion of the Dinobots
    The Return of Optimus Prime

    I am probably forgetting a few but thats basically it.
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    Here's my selection
    G.1 Energon Armada
    SOS Dinobots Unicron Perishes Sacrifice
    War Dawn Formidable Remorse
    FFOD 1-5 The Sun Miracle
    Dark Awaking Cramp
    Return of Optimus Prime parts 1&2 Cybertron Mortal Combat
    Beast Wars Optimus
    The Spark Titans
    Code Of Hero
    Optimal Situation
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    5. Mission Accomplished
    Besides the title being seven shades of awesome, this episode had great drama in the Sentinel/Optimus relationship, the amazingness of the speech montage and managed to keep Starscream badass when he fought the Autobots, despite spending the entire episode as a whipping boy.

    4. Agenda Pt2
    By far the most interesting segment of the 'Agenda' 3 parter, despite mostly just being a bunch of conversations. But those conversations were awesome. We're talking Optimus flying off his handle at Silverbolt and Megatron manipulating Ravage. Not to mention Inferno's amazing death sequence.

    3. Triple Takeover
    One of the few episodes of G1 I can watch over and over. It's light-hearted attitude makes for some great fun, but also one of the goriest lines of any TF series ever: "Tell me what's on your mind, or I'll splatter it on the wall and see for myself!"


    5. Cramp
    The funny thing is, the first half of this episode is crap, but the other half is easily the finest TF I have ever seen. Starscream's sacrifice is handled brilliantly, especially the futility of his attack against Unicron.
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    G1: The Key To Vector Sigma (1&2)
    Super God Masterforce: A Battle...And Then...
    BW: Code of Hero
    Cybertron: Retreat
    Animated: Transwarped (1-3)