2008 US Presidential Election

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    It's that time again and I'm excited! Now we get a fresh slate. Right now we have several candidates to choose from and right now is one of the most crucial times in our history. We need to pick the best candidate we can. Alot is at stake.

    Today is the Navada and South Carolina Primaries. I'll update the results later when they come in.

    For right now, I'd like to know who you like and dislike at this time, and why?

    For me I have long been looking for a President in the mold of Ronald Raegan. Some one with strong leadership, who can inspire us, who bridges party lines and brings us closer together, and who will demonstrate a strong backbone on the world stage to envoke national pride and unity.

    There are a few issues that are front and center for me right now, but I'll get into those later in the thread. For now, here are the candidates I'm most interested in right now...

    -John McCain. So far I think he's my front runner. I love that he's moderate centered as well the best commander in chief material out of all the candidates. He has strong leadership and backbone. But I hate his immigration policy and I'm not sold he can fix the economy just yet. However I do agree we should cut rediculous spending. He has a great record of reaching across the isle across party lines to accomplish things. Plus he'll always tell you strait up about what he thinks.

    -Barrack Obama: Truely an inspiring speaker. He has envoked the name of Ronald Raegan and I can see his ability to unite people. He also seems to have a strong leadership ora about him. His inexperience/short record concerns me, but my biggest concern with him is that he may give in to all the Washington lobbyists and special interests like most Washington politicians when they get a bit corrupted. Reason why is because of his youth in Washington, AND because of the Labor unions that are backing him along with what Hillary said about his cocktail parties. Plus I hate that his name (Obama) sounds like Osama. Eww. But I think he can fix the economy, he is the strongest of the Democrats IMHO to choose from as a leader, and he has an inspiring ability to unite when he speaks.

    -John Edwards: I love his passion to stop special interests and I think he has a great plan to fix health care and the economy. I think his Iraq withdrawel plan is flawed though.

    -Mike Huckabee: Calm, cool, collected with a great sense of humor. Much like Reagan. I really like this candidate for reasons such as that, as well as he has some interesting new ideas to look farther into about the fair tax. I agree totally that it seems like people are penalized to work more under the current system. My first full year under a full time job along time ago made me say the exact same thing. Only thing I worry about him is when an issue comes up, how long does it take for him to annylize it and make up his mind the best coarse of action? And what kind of cammander in chief would he be?

    How bout you guys? I'd love to read your thoughts, likes, dislikes, and important issues that you have.

    What can I say? I'm just a presidential politics nut. :)  CNN now takes up 85% of my TV Viewing.
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