110% Complete Regular size Gobots collection

Discussion in 'Transformers On Ebay' started by Movebuster, Jul 11, 2010.

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    Hello all.
    I know I said I'd never sell online again. Lets just say it took me a year or so to get my courage back, and this was something I thought should be put on the transformers website.

    This auction of mine on ebay is a listing for at least one example of every normal scale GoBot ever released as a gobot, including the rarest ones. it took me the better part of 20 years to amass this collection. I have more to list, ie super gobots, power suits etc. but they're not here yet. To see this auction and others, simply ckick the Icon on the left.

    PS: I now only list on Ebay, not here.
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    Montreal, Canada
    Super impressive, I would buy it, but not for 700 bucks (Maybe we can work something out if it does not go for what you ask)

    For those reading all that he is missing from the American run Gobot line is:

    Puzzler - Team of 6 Gobots: Jigsaw, Crossword, Pocket, Rube, Tic Tac and Zig Zag
    Monsterous - Team of 6 Gobots: Fright Face, Fangs, Gore Jaw, Heart Attack, South Claw and Weird Wing
    Secret Riders - 3 of them, Twister, Tork and Tri-Trak
    Dread Launchers - 3 of them, Re-Volt, Chaos and Traitor
    Boomers - 2 of them, Rumble and Blaster
    Power Marchers - 2 of them, Hitch Hiker and Quick-Step
    Arco Bots - 6 of them, Binoc, Cap Pistol, Cap Rifle /w Robo Scope, Destroyer, Squirt Gun and Rogun
    Playsets - 2 of them, The Command Center and The Thruster
    Wendy's Gobots - 6 of them, Beamer, Breez, Guide Star, Oddball, Pow Wow and Sky Flyer
    Transforming Watches - 2 of them, Red and Blue
    Odd and Ends - 5 of them, Zod, Scales, AM Radio, Laser Gun and Space Hawk
    Mail Away - Creepy (Green Neon colors)
    Super Gobots - 14 of them, Baron Von Joy, Zeemon, Bugbite, Destroyer, Herr Fiend, Psycho, Defendor, Leader-1, Spay-C, Staks, Staks (Transport Version), Cykill, Warpath, Raizor, Super Couper, Spy Eye, Throttle, Clutch, Night Fright and Vamp