007 Director Wearing Wig, Dress Busted For Prostitution

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    Connery came back because of a mix between his ego and an altruistic motive.

    Basically he heard that Roger Moore got (up to then) the biggest payday for a Bond film ever for 'The Spy who loved me' (my all time favourite Bond film BTW). Connery got all pissy, having been outdone by the usurper and agreed to do Never Say Never Again on the condition that he got a bigger paycheck. He did.

    Thats not the only reason though, Connery wanted to open a financial Trust tor disadvantaged Scottish children, but he was low on funds because his films at that time weren't setting the box office alight. One of the reasons he agreed to NSNA was to get funding to start his trust. In the end all the money he earned from NSNA went to start up this trust.

    In any event I liked NSNA... Fatima Blush was one of the best Bond vilain girls until Xenia Onatopp.
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    Actually I meant why he quit after you only live twice, skipped on her majesty, and then did diamonds are forever. Is diamonds are forever any good?
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    He did Diamonds Are Forever for the money. The producers asked him to come back after the Lazenby debacle and he joking demanded what was an anstronomical amount of money at time. To his surprise, they agreed and he set that charity up with it.

    As for NSNA, Connery had worked with the guy who made it before on a previous attempt to make a new "unofficial" Bond film (which fell througth as a result of the long and storied series of lawsuits over rights issues stemming from the writing of Thunderball). I presume there was some element of obligation to the guy involved, althougth I'm sure more money and giving the official folks the finger was the deciding factor.

    On a side note of useless trivia, apparently the fuss kicked up by the animal huggers over the bit where the horse goes off the cliff in NSNA is apparently the reason why films have that "no animals were hurt" disclaimer thesedays.

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