Jul 3, 2019
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Mods, molds, and casts. Also full of hot gas., Male, from Planet Unicron

    1. Jwagman
      Hey there I bought the new upgrade kit for transmetal 2 megatron and accidentally stripped the one of the screws that holds the chest. What do you recommend for removing stripped screws?
    2. Capperclawed
      followed your photo guide on repairing skyquake, worked like a charm! i used a hobby knife and spent 5 minutes shaving it down :) he functions perfectly now.
    3. CG76
      I saw your post regarding the DNA 21 set. I need to purchase the appropriate screwdriver. Would you know of a set that I can purchase from Amazon.com? Thank you.
    4. Jazzer995
      Hi there; was searching through the site and saw you had the Go Better Upgrade kit for SS Blitzwing and wanted to ask if the original gun can still store underneath in jet mode, and can you store the new gun anywhere on the figure when not in use. I really want to buy the kit but no-one has put up an in-depth review of it.
      1. ziltama
        The original gun can't store underneath with the new accessories being in its place. The new gun also can't store on the figure when off.
        Apr 20, 2021
    5. prime241
      Hey there been looking through your kids and really liked what you've done. I was wondering if you had any idea on how to remove stripped screws? I have a Classics Optimus who's arm I need to dissemble for the Fansproject kit
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      2. ziltama
        The epoxy method is very risky and may not even withstand turning forces. You basically stick a screwdriver head and screw together. Then you try to unscrew the screw. This is risky as it would be difficult to prevent the epoxy from getting stuck on the sides of the plastic hole.
        Apr 6, 2021
      3. ziltama
        If you're very skilled with a dremel and using (sub)millimeter drill bits, you could try to carefully drill a slot to fit in a flat head screwdriver. Have to be careful and not damage surrounding plastic or drill through the screwhead and damage plastic underneath.
        Apr 6, 2021
      4. ziltama
        There are specialty drill bits to remove screws but those are too big for typical toy screws.

        Good luck.
        Apr 6, 2021
    6. Moos Crew
      Moos Crew
      Hey there!, I was curious how many FEXT kits do you own to make that awesome display you have (as seen in your 3P upgrade kit for SS Devy)
      1. ziltama
        4 of them. It was actually very annoying putting them together due to bad instructions, not enough interpanel connectors, and similar looking pieces that are not interchangeable.
        Feb 3, 2021
      2. Moos Crew
        Moos Crew
        I only bought one set and had a very similar experience, was very frustrating and Couldn't make it the way I thought I could.

        Thanks for sharing your experience was thinking maybe if I bought more it would be easier, doesn't sound like it.

        Flipside you did a great job and looks great!
        Feb 3, 2021
    7. Bombshock
      What type of 3D printer do you own? Just asking.....
      1. ziltama
        I haven't shown off any 3d prints here yet, just casting work. I do have a SLA printer, though, the Elegoo Mars.
        Jul 17, 2020
      2. Bombshock
        Can you show it to me what it looks like?
        Jul 17, 2020
    8. Aimless Misfire
      Aimless Misfire
      I'm working on them. I already made the mold & cast 1 up. But I was planning on painting them. I'm not sure if I can dye the resin to match perfectly.
      1. ziltama
        I had a message typed out but exceeded character limit. I'll respond to your other message instead.
        Oct 12, 2019
    9. Max Tower
      Max Tower
      I don't suppose you know of anyone re-casting Toyhax Seige Seeker tail pieces in other colours do you ?
      I notice they cast all of their's in red or grey and that isn't ideal if you wanted them to match the body colour of each individual Seige toy or wanted them in white to paint - you said you cast so I thought i'd ask.
      1. ziltama
        No, I don't. Although to be honest, I haven't been looking around either. I'm also not a fan of their color schemes although I like the part itself.
        Sep 27, 2019
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