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Zeta Otaku

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    1. Belgrath
      Out of curiosity, aren't you the same Zeta Otaku at the former Gundam.com (my username used to be G.I. Gundam back in the day) forums?
    2. eagc7
      I'm assuming you're talking about the first Thor? If so, he never mentions a name, just that it was a scientist... who was an expert in gamma energy which HEAVILY implies Banner.
      Selvig mentioned two, the first one is Banner, for the second one he said that he had a friend who had dealings with SHIELD who was confirmed by Kevin Feige back in 2011 to be Henry Pym
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    "Remember, stop pushing when the Q-Tip hits resistance!"
    "What did you say? Keep pushing?"
    "Yeah, you go nuts with that."

    Guy of the 80s on XBL

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