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Apr 26, 2016
    1. CometArmagon
      It does actually, its works fairly well. You just need a little dab inside the joint and then sit there and work the joint for 10-15 min until the glue is dried and then check it occasionally for the next 1-2 min to make sure it doesn't stick. Been doing this for a few years now and it works pretty good.

      Gotta stress the little dab part the first time I did it I used to much and got a huge white scar on the joint I was tightening up.
    2. CometArmagon
      I didn't know you could use clear nail polish to tight up joints, I usually just use super glue and work the joint until its dried. Still thats a pretty go way to solve the problem with floppy limbs.
    3. CometArmagon
      Before now, nope . Thats why i asked so I could learn :J

      From images it looks pretty solid and it hace nice coloring but I watched a vid and the toy has some hip joint problems due to being top heavy. Does your have possibility problems?
    4. CometArmagon
      Oh, what version of magnus do you have?
    5. CometArmagon
      Amazing, thank you so much for the hammer!
    6. Zavien
      Thanx bro!
    7. Jetbolt
      I see you are on the staff now, congrats.
    8. CometArmagon
      Its all good, I have had this happen a billion times over, I'm pretty used to it.

      Bro :p
    9. Zavien
      Hey what's up how are you. Good I hope. Yeah if you just send me your address I will send you the hammer
    10. CometArmagon
    11. smokey420
      What's up brother, just saw you in a board, wanted to say hi and thank you, Voltron is loving his new home
    12. Zavien
      No problem bro, glad to have you as a friend. I appreciate all the knowledge you have shared and I always knew you had something t do with some third party companies as it's not easy to come by some test shots. Talk to you on the threads my friend!
    13. Autobot78
      thanks for ur kind words, hope all is well
    14. AmonDemon112
      I do concur and I have enjoyed your support and enthusiasm on the thread! Especially from one whose committed to the other Predakings! I can't wait for this day when we'll have pics of our Warlords standing proudly in our displays!
    15. AmonDemon112
      Appreciate the support for Warlord :)
    16. Zavien
      No problem my friend, anytime.
    17. GinoPuppy
    18. GinoPuppy
      curious, how does the UT headtrong sword, look in Bovis's hand?
    19. G.I.EDDIE
    20. G.I.EDDIE
      I dont like arguing either...No hard feelings wasn't even anger...more frustration than just happened to be the 1st person to make such a dumb comment (;)) so you were quoted first...there were a few other boobs after you :lol...feel free to bust my chops too...I can take it...
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