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    1. Soundwaver
      They might have a physical sex, but maybe they go by the spark instead.
    2. Kool Aid bot
      Kool Aid bot
      I saw ur monsterbot and loved it, jus want to drop u an idea if ur planning on making doublecross, u could use BH Ultimate Predaking,remove his arms,and use 2 of the Shapeways predaking head/neck add-ons as the dragon head and somehow mod it so when in bot form the beast heads become the arms.
    3. HeroicC300
      I am looking for an "in" for Transformers. If I got to do my own comic series, it'd be what the hell was going on during the Endless War.

      but for now I'm content with fanfic and making predictions.
    4. mrgalvaprime
      Hey, would you kind if i did a similar thing you do with your sig?

      -mrgalvaprime: to annoy G1Prowl :p
    5. TigerBlade
      Fair do's.....I've been wondering for a while and now I know!
    6. Gilgamesh
      Ah, so that's the explanation then. Pretty cool, man!
    7. King0722
      I've not been a member on this board forever and a day, so I honestly was just curious. Any deviations from the norm generally pique my interest. Good to know!
    8. ZacWilliam
      The post-signing bit. Ok, long story short (too late!) I've been part of the TF fandom online since the early 90s when the ENTIRE TF fandom was A.T.T (Alt.Toys.Transformers) a usenet group. Fun days. The Trannie awards and ATTRPG and the debate about what BW was before the Toon began... Ah memories.... Anyway, before message boards when you posted to Usenet you needed to sign your posts, everyone had their own way and this was mine. and those days are long past now but I've kept it up.

      Why? Because I like it. It lets me have a last comment, digression, or joke at the end of my post. I find it fun, and it's certainly memorable. I'll be honest with you, I've been doing it since the 90s, like I said, and it's only here, and only in the last 6 months or so that anyone's found it odd enough to comment on.

      Anyway, I enjoy having a distinctive style, it's a form I have good memories and long history with, and it let's me get in a last or side thought. So there ya go. :) Cool?
    9. King0722
      Count me in for wondering about the posting style.
    10. Autobus Prime
      Autobus Prime
      Rock on, my a.t.t. brobot. :rock
    11. Karhukjnsi
      I actually am also curious about the same topic Gilgamesh is asking.
    12. Gilgamesh
      Apologies if I'm being nosy, but I'm genuinely curious; what's the reason behind your particular posting style? I mean, putting your name in the middle, does it follow some structure?
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