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Jun 18, 2008
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Jan 14, 2020
    1. edbomber
      Hi Bao,

      I haven't heard back from you regarding my two roadbuster sets. CAn you please get back to me as soon as possible and let me know the status? Thanks

    2. fireconvoyrem
      hello dear, this kit fits perfectly to roadbuster classics / universe??? would be great to have a picture where the roadbuster the classics / universe armed with all the complete kit robot and vehicle mode for clarification with that mold .... if you could please some pictures to better appreciate your work of art.
    3. Scotscream
      got my supreme starscream (hellscream) head in the post before xmas.great job!thanks again YF!
    4. nemisispringer
      just got vortex and ive got to say i cant thank you enough he is aa loveley tribute to g1 and i dont know how i could have got ahold of that figure without your help
    5. MoeSizzlac
      Have fun today buddy! Take lot's of pictures and we'll see you when you get back.
    6. nemisispringer
      Hey YR did you get that figure i sent you set just wondering cos mine still hasnt come through :( dam post
    7. Nemesis Predaking
      Nemesis Predaking
      Thanks & no problem, man.
      You do great work & I like to promote great work.
      Keep it up, you doing us kitbashers a great service.
    8. Nemesis Predaking
      Nemesis Predaking
      YouTube - NP's Combiner Update PT2
      Gave you a plug on my channel.
    9. MoeSizzlac
      Happy Birthday Y_R!
    10. lotussouljah
      Hey man, thanks for the add! And remember, while there might be people out there fully supporting your work, that is only because you feed us what we're really craving for. So it's a beautiful cycle and you should totally give yourself credit too! I'm doing the cheering, the easy part, while you execute!! Thanks bro, and keep it up!!
    11. thyvipera
      i havnt had much experience with things like this. i know the ideal way to do this, is with tamaya putty, but unfortunately i havnt ordered any yet.

      so the way i did his visor, was taking expoxy glue and filling his eyes and i cut a visor out of thing styrene and applied it into place.

      but yea, i hear tamaya putty is the way to do things like this. nifty stuff i've been told.
    12. Wheel_Jack
      you got it Y.R.
      should be sometime next week. :)
    13. thyvipera
      awesome, good luck man. cant wait to see him. i'm excited, because it feels like it's the time all of the superions and bruticus's are about come out. i'm looking forward to seeing everyone's work.

      as for the legs, i think i've found my answer. after the wings are in place along with the missile launchers on both sides, and when the foot is in place, i think the leg is going to fill out just right.

      now, to fix that little G1 head lol....
    14. yourreflection
      hey man, got the casted parts and I love them!! As a matter of fact, I'd like to order two more Devastator heads. Let me know if your interested, I'd also need your email again for the paypal payment. Let me know.

      thanks again!!
    15. Ptitvite

      Did you receive these casted parts? Let me know!
    16. Ptitvite
    17. Ptitvite
      I can't make any promises but I'll try to finish up all of these and ship them today (nov 1st) if not, I'll ship monday. (I wrote in my thread that I only shipped on saturdays because I sometimes don't have enough time to do otherwise.
      Thank you for your fast payment.
    18. Ptitvite
      Shipping will be 8.50$ (small packet AirMail) 6 to 12 business days.
      My paypal address is [email protected] and please mention your tfw05 nickname and order with the payment.
      And thanks for the kind words! I appreciate it alot :)

    19. Ptitvite

      Here goes:
      Unicron's small side panels (pair) : 6$
      Unicron's front big panels (pair) : 8$
      Unicron's front center panel *assy : 12$

      *Consists of 1 middle panel, 2 half female hinges and 1 male pegs.
      If you look at the original parts, you'll understand what I mean.
      They require alot of molding/casting. You will have to glue these parts together
      or dremel holes to be able to screw them.

      Let me know if this works out for you. If interested, give me your postal code so I may give you the total. Thanks :)
    20. Ptitvite

      These parts are kitbashing material and are not meant to replace the originals...You will have to paint them.
      Colors may vary from white, black and purple.
      Unicron's small side panels (pair) : 6$
      Unicron's front big panels (pair) : 8$
      I suggest cleaning them, painting them and use a clear protective coat.
      Depending on the order, I can ship within a week.
      I accept paypal and shipping will have to be determined depending on your postal code.
      Thank you very much and let me know
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