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Jul 11, 2011
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Sep 13, 2011
    1. eagc7
      lol its cause im lacking money
    2. eagc7
      insane due to lakc of new toys
    3. eagc7
      hey sup? :)
    4. sentient being
      sentient being
      I've been away from home with little internet access. You're welcome, and likewise!
    5. UnicronFTW
      lol... Arcemus Prime. XD.
    6. eagc7
      i type fast and by some reason i dont feel like fixing my mistakes
    7. eagc7
      gruop message? whats that?

      and i dont need to start a thread cause i dont need eveyoen to know of it. just certain ppl. and kk
    8. eagc7
      yep i do that, but thats case i wanna inform them of something important, What i got or something they all need to know
    9. eagc7
      what ya mean?
    10. eagc7
      Got DOTM Dlx bee

      btw by soem strange reason the Box of my dotm bee is USA Box of the DOTM Toys and the international box wanna see pics so u can see what i mean?
    11. UnicronFTW
    12. UnicronFTW
      Transformers Feedback - TFW2005 - The 2005 Boards
      Check out this forum and look through the comments and pictures and see if theres something that catches your eye. Then tell me, and I'll give you a little info on it. (How readily available it is, is it really that good, etc.)
    13. UnicronFTW
      Just pick up one to see how you like it. 50% chance of you hating it and never wanting another one, 50% chance of you catching Former-fever and wanting to buy all you can.
    14. SparkamusPrime
      Haha, Red Alert is one of the few I can think of that this has ever happened to.
      I love Kup. He's been one of my favorites since the G1 movie and my childhood of wearing out the VHS rewatching it.
    15. UnicronFTW
      As far as what I do with them, I buy them, I open them, I tinker with them, and then I display them.
    16. UnicronFTW
      Well, I collect for several reasons. But it's really case-by-case as it comes to why people collect.
      I do it because: I grew up with Transformers Armada, and the toys. So it's 1 part nostalgia.
      Because I admire the engineering and creativity and devotion that goes into the making of the figures.
      I also want to take up another hobby as a photographer. And Transformer figures are really good subjects for practicing photography on.
      Everyone needs a hobby. If I didn't collect, I wouldn't have much to do. I'm homeschooled, so I'm home all the time 24/7 every day of the year pretty much. And money burns a hole in my pocket...
      Plus, when I grow up and get tired of collecting? Transformers can be worth quite a bit on the aftermarket. So it has potential as a backup finance if I'm ever willing to let them go. The collection I have now, if I sold it, would be worth anywhere from 4 to 5 thousand. Imagine that ten years from now, when I have even more figures, and the prices on the aftermarket are even higher... I could pay the rent for a year.
    17. UnicronFTW
      That Classics 2-pack with Optimus and G2 Prime. And Alternity Ultra Magnus...
    18. UnicronFTW
      Not much really. Just been chilling out, bored, anxious for a package to arrive.
    19. SparkamusPrime
      Nah, that's Animated Red Alert. I don't know much about Energon/Armada and the like; Those were popular when I took a break from the fandom, but I thought I remembered him being a man.
    20. SparkamusPrime
      Thanks. I just noticed you on my profiles history page and thought I would say hi. :) We need a prime version of Red Alert.
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