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Jul 17, 2024 at 8:37 PM
    1. Makermentality
      hey there xueyue2 i saw your potp primal mod and it inspired me to make an upgrade kit similar to that. i literally just made an account to message you so if you can dm me i would love to show you some pictures of it (the gorilla head isnt done yet) and when its done i would love to discuss a way to mail you one as a thank you for the inspiration
      1. xueyue2
        Really? That's very nice of you, and i wish your kit sells well. You want me pm you instead of "dm you", right?
        Oct 28, 2018
    2. Markatron
      Can you by chance do that 1st Movie Leader Class Megatron foot upgrade? If I mail my Megatron out to you to do the mod, and then you send it back to me, and I pay you, could you do it? Or just do it on a separately different one you have, and sell it to me for money?
    3. xueyue2
      Hi XDIchigo,

      In the topic for superion, I post a link which shows how to add the upgrade parts using hulk, did u see that? Let me know if u have any questions.
    4. XDIchigo
      hey, i just acquired a crossover hulk, could you please write down the process that you made you for adding upgrade bits for rotf/energon superion? it would be really cool, sir!
    5. xueyue2
      thank you
    6. Dinodigger97
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