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Jun 6, 2009
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Sep 7, 2022
    1. swampert123
      :lol you have a funny sig :lol
    2. rivalarod
      yeah i saw him but ran out of cash after the weekend so wont be able to buy him till the end of the month...hopefully he's a shelf warmer like HA Sideswipe/bumblebee so its no rush to buy him.
    3. rivalarod
      i saw u got Vector Prime/Leo Prime...good job, i got Vector Prime as well and i fuckin love that damn sword. Now hit up the NEW target off Milwallkee and get LONG HAUL and GRINDOR!
    4. rivalarod
      no problem. the only marvel i got was the cross over combo that just came out w/ Iron Man & Spider Man and Captain America. all the others suck.
    5. rivalarod
      I GOT MY ICE CREAM TRUCK TWINS brotha. i got a hook up @ Klohs and bough 3 man. and yeah it was worth the wait. you should check next week cause that when they will hit the shelves and they will have 2 available.[IMG]
    6. rivalarod
      i want the legends devestator but i'm short on cash so i think i'll wait till it gets released in the US next year.
    7. rivalarod
      yeah i saw them but they dont serve me much interest. i have the first one and im fine w. that. all i want now is Long Haul and the Twins (ice cream truck). i'll get them soon enough. good job nabin that HA SS...i really dont see the interest in them but figured u would...i'm in love w. my LEADER DEVESTATOR right now, he's my baby.
    8. rivalarod
      what you mean by correct? the ones w/ TRAX or w/ MUDFLAP?
    9. rivalarod
      Dude, Go to Wal-Mart on 82 and Milwalkie and they have a HA SS ready for ya. get it soon or miss out
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