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May 10, 2012
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Mar 3, 2017
    1. Snake_eyes1975
      Damn, so sorry I didn't get it done in time. Just been a very busy time. I should have more time after thanksgiving if you need my help. I started my seasonal gig back up at toys r us, and I have to take care of the kids during the day..work at night..been hectic.
      Anyways, Soundwave is pretty amazing overall. I think its probably the best value hasbro has released in a long time.
    2. Snake_eyes1975
      Still working on the instructions for you, Have not forgot, Just very busy with work and family
    3. Onslaught24
      Hey man, I sent you a PM since my explanation of the transformation was too long. Not sure if you're able to find those with your software. If you want, I can split it into two visitor messages
    4. Snake_eyes1975
      I did not, but I will work on it this weekend for you
    5. Jazz1992
      I looked all over for a slot on the runway, and I got nothing. I'm kinda curious now myself
    6. Snake_eyes1975
      I think I can do that, Give me some time and ill do that for ya
    7. Jazz1992
      Not a prob bro. I'm gonna try to work on it some tonight. But I understand youre eager XD
    8. Jazz1992
      Nah dude, im good. Haven't been home, work has been keeping me. I haven't used the battery feature, but looking around, it looks like the compartment is on his back (dead center, there is a screw). Not 100% sure though. When I have a screwdriver I'll double check
    9. Jazz1992
      Hey man! Yeah, I have both of those and I'd be glad to help! I have work today but I can get started afterwards!
    10. Snake_eyes1975
      I do not have either, but when I do I will gladly help out!
    11. DBarricade
      Oh god...where do I even begin with that mess? Much of Jetwing Prime's retooling shouldn't affect the combination, unless they've changed where (or if) there's a slot under Prime's ass. In which case, just leave the flip up seat/brace down from the voice box part.

      I have combined Prime and Jetfire. It's not terribly exciting, and it weighs a ton. But I will try to describe what needs to be done soon.
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