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Sep 1, 2015
May 1, 2009
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Sep 1, 2015
    1. EpicTransformer
      like this? lol
    2. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      I can't say I do! Hadn't heard of it before you mentioned it actually :lol
      Sadly my love for old skool videos games has dwindled, maybe if they do an update :p
    3. Nemisispath
      I love your sig!
    4. ErbFan28
      You should add a poll to the Armada discussion thread so we can rate it 1-10 with 10 being best
    5. spiritprime
      Oh really? I didn't know that because I don't have paid tv. >< Sucks to be me.
    6. Oberoniss
      Best avatar EVER.
    7. Spiderus Prime
      Spiderus Prime
      Is that Soundwave without his facesceen?
    8. Mechafire
      How horrifying
    9. eagc7
    10. eagc7
      tf4 and 5 should be stooped!
    11. eagc7
      Possibly a TF5 Too?????
      'Transformers' 4 & 5 may shoot back-to-back - Showblitz
      No no no no no no no no no no (still watching it but still I do not want more TF movies)
    12. eagc7
      i do love the movies, i will still see TF4 If its made, but the thnig is that i wanted DOTM to be the final movie, it was promoted as the Transformers final film and was also promoted as beign the final battle with the Autobots and Cons, which made me excited way more for DOTM cause it was the final battle.

      also all main and Most know Decepticons from the Films are ALL DEAD, we still haev thundercracker and those decepticons who survived in the comics and novels, but still the main cons are dead, without Megatron, Starscream or SOundwave, i see no point on making more movies

      also DOTM was way to epic, which is the epicness i wanted for the final TF Movie
    13. eagc7
      Wow. When eagc says he doesn't want another movie, that's REALLY saying something.
    14. Ravenxl7
      Ok, thanks for the link. I'll add them to the list the next time I update it. I'm hoping to hear back from shadow on something today, so I'll wait till then to update the list.
    15. Ravenxl7
      I didn't know that he mentioned Cybververse versions of them. Was it in the thread or in a conversation with someone outside the thread?
    16. SMOG
      Yeah, it's totally that last panel that nails it! :D
    17. SMOG
      The best thing about your sig is that you didn't even really need to alter the dialog. Just isolating those 3 little panels sort of does it all! :lol
    18. MaxLinden
      Your sig ftw... XD
    19. TfAnimatedfan
      It's from one current IDW Transformers: Ongoing comics, Issue #22 I believe.
    20. TfAnimatedfan
      That sig is amazing :lol For a second I thought it was real.

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