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Nov 14, 2014
May 16, 2009
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Nov 14, 2014
    1. exoduselita
      hahaha! where is it from?
    2. exoduselita
      I couldn't help but see your profile Picture. Nice!
    3. Barricade24
      How you been man?
    4. eagc7
    5. ORIO
      Thanks!!! :)
    6. MasterxBlaster
      Yeah man, been wanting him for my Cons Display for hella long, but i wasn't trying to pay the $250+ people were asking for, I got munitioner, explorer and the bruticus set all MIB + classics skywarp loose & red alert mosc for below that! Yeah man, I got to mess with my boiz Explorer, and i couldn't believe the articulation on the little guy!! I would love to get a 2nd set, but may just grab flameblast & warcry for there robot mode counterparts!

      haha I've been killing myself man!! I CAN'T wait to display these figs! Only the classics & 3rd partys will be in em..

      Yeah man, I realllllly hope the rest of the F.E figs come out also.. but it's starting to look unlikely.. check this link:
      Official Word about TF Prime First Edition figures in the USA
    7. MasterxBlaster
      Well back to hunting, TF PRIME RID Line has hit! A cpl local folks have spotted it! I want cliffy, wheeljack and soundwave fasho!
    8. MasterxBlaster
      Yeah man, but you know I gotta keep it mo0ovin, "on to the next one"

      So I scored my GRAIL today (may not seem like a lot) but FINALLLLYYYYY gonna be adding Fansproject Bruticus to the collection, also classics hasbro Skywarp (= Needed some plastic crack to make me feel better after that AND MY 9ERS LOSING YESTERDAY~!~ Shiiieeeeet!

      Also scored a MISB Takara Bookstyle collection Blaster on ebay, so i may have to sell my recently purchased MIB one. *drum rolls* I will also be shipping my POL 1st thing next week! and grabbing some detolfs 1st week of feb!! So lots of fun on the way thats fasho!
    9. MasterxBlaster
      Man dude, I aint happy right now, dude I was getting the big 3rd party haul issued a refund to my paypal.... with no explanation ;/ Dude had a rep for backing out of deals twice already in his junkion feedback.. but i gave him the benefit of the doubt, plus we stayed in good contact Until now... dang hella bummed on that, i won't be purchasing herc anymore ;[
    10. Chromia217
      I'm doing good, just keeping busy with work! :)
    11. Chromia217
      Hey guy! How ya been these days?
    12. MasterxBlaster
      New hauls, 3rd Partys will be next week! Still going strong lol! Will go back to being quiet once i get my detolfs and display these beasts!
      Plastic Crack Lives On

      *edit* thats weird all my pics aren't showing up anymore in the thread....
    13. John_Force
      I think you have too many friends.
    14. MasterxBlaster
      lol thanks man, I know Colonal Jester, is always like, I don't know how in the hell you come up on these deals.. right place at the right time, is all i can say, and about 2hours a day hunting in the bst thread/ebay/craigslist! Wish I already had all the figs i want, cus then it would be easier helpin others out on these deals!

      Yeah man, I'm a have to grab a big decepticon sticker to slap over his bot symbol on his shoulder! He is freaking dope! He was the 1st black repaint i wanted to get!!! and i finally got him for a price that i wanted ;]

      Yeah hella cool group of folks on here! And what is the competition?(sorry didnt understand that part of your sentence)

      I'm sure we will be bro!!
    15. MasterxBlaster
      Dude is one cool cat for hooking me up like this!! Another fine reason why I'm so glad I joined the boards, meeting cool ass cats, that don't turn this hobby into some get rich scheme.. cus honestly when I end up selling my figures, I'm a be selling them at the cost I got em or under.. Just pass on the blessings that i got, considering, 99% of my collection has been purchased far under retail!
    16. MasterxBlaster
      You best to believe it, i'm a have to borrow my sisters camera, just so i can take decent pics!! Since my collection thread has been taken through my camera phone loll!!

      Yeah man, my other buddy on here was tryna convince me to jump on team herc, and I was like i can't justify the price bro... but haha YEAHHHH BUDDDY that was me that took out his thread bwahahaha!! Got the insecticons for only $35 also lmfaoooo!! and grabbed frenzy and rumble also!! Plus dude is shipping for free!! That's gotta be the best 3rd party haul EVER!! And i got some rediculous wins on ebay also bro!! Here's a sneak peak at another win! I was gonna keep him MISB but damn you know I'm a sucker for dark repaints, had to crack him open!
      My Leader to the dark army has arrived!!!

      I'm a have a dark and clear shelf!! Darks will be evil and clears will be angels!! Ghost MP Starscream will be the leader of the angels lol!
    17. MasterxBlaster
      Haha!! Yeah man, i got Unbelievable scores on these hauls coming, plus when i ship my p.o.l it will only push my ass to get my detolfs so i can proudly display these bad mama jamaz lol!! Plus I will be very content once all these boxes come in, so I won't be spending my display money on more figs lol!!

      And nice bro, can't wait to see what's new!! Are you jumping on Herc or Giant? I got a crazy score on 4 of the herc bots so I'm all in!!
    18. MasterxBlaster
      Man do I have some epic hauls on the way!! As soon as my paycheck comes in next week, im paying dudes off! Then I will ship my BBTS pol! So big things poppin last week of Jan!! yayyyers, I've been feenin for some new plastic crack!
    19. Prime Jetscream
    20. Stone Violet
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