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Mar 25, 2019 at 5:53 PM
Dec 2, 2006
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World Prime

Za Warudo!

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Mar 25, 2019 at 5:53 PM
    1. GoldToaster
      Love your instagram photography :D
      1. World Prime
        World Prime
        Thanks friend! Gonna post again today!
        Mar 12, 2019
    2. Soundwavelover2004
      Cool profile pic
    3. Nemesis Otaku
      Nemesis Otaku
      Happy Birthday!
      1. World Prime
        World Prime
        Thanks!!! :D
        Dec 12, 2018
    4. mnabiyein
      Hello Can i be friend?
    5. rendsora
      Bro just wondering for Challenger lite up many LR521 batt do we need to use? Just one piece or do we need a pair for it? I haven't installed mine yet..
    6. Lady Slipstream
      Lady Slipstream
      Time has stopped?
    7. Fallout
      hey, you plan on coloring that optimus? if so, digitally or hand colored?
      1. World Prime
        World Prime
        Hey glad you like it! Not sure what to do with it now. It’s still only pencil. I’ll most likely ink it but not sure if I’ll color it. If I do it’ll probably be done with colic markers.
        Nov 22, 2017
      2. Fallout
        knight prime has really grown on me these past few months. i'm not kidding when i say i'm totally tempted to get that on my arm or leg.
        Nov 22, 2017
    8. Fallout
      1/60 scale: leader two-engine jets (f15/f22 like g1/movie starscreams), deluxe semis, scout trucks/hummers, legion cars. also some outliers like tlk nitro (a smaller jet) and dotm megatron (because of his trailer)

      1/45 scale: voyager semis, deluxe trucks/hummers, scout cars

      1/32: supreme jets, leader semis, deluxe cars
      1. World Prime
        World Prime
        Thanks friend! That's helpful.
        Nov 8, 2017
    9. Fallout
      yo, saw your post: [QUOTE="World Prime, post: 15147163, member: 56120"]How big would a movie Starscream figure have to be to be in scale with deluxe carbots?[/QUOTE] and didn't wanna clog up that thread with more of my scale nonsense, but i have a general guideline for vehicle scale:
    10. Snake_eyes1975
      sup bro? just checkin in. Do you have a wants/trade list? I see you know @Fallout ! hes a cool cat too. I have a bunch of movie and classics and BW stuff im getting rid of. Im gunna hit fallout up too.
    11. Fallout
      can't wait. he's the only wave 1 AOE toy i want unless bumblebee just looks better in hand.
    12. Fallout
      colors aside are there any legit problems with the mold?
    13. Fallout
      hey did you hear about that recall on evasion mode optimus primes? better sell me yours just to be safe
    14. EpicTransformer
    15. Lord N
      Lord N
      Lol hobo with a shotgun nice sig how many TFs do you have
    16. ninjaslacker
      your signature cracked me up man! love it! plus its nice to know there's a Jojo fan :D
    17. Snake_eyes1975
      Yea, dude...That orange roadbuster is AWESOME. Check out the pics, I made a lil review for him. If you dont have walmarts, I might be able to grab one for you.
    18. megatron66
      Love teh picture in your sig!
    19. eagc7
      reply ot ur question o nym arcee combinatino thred, no, teh peg on arcee do not peg on chromia/elita-1, well tehres a hole on chromia/elita-1, but her chest dont allow me to peg into the hole
    20. Chopperface
      *reads your sig* Oh YESSSS! Count me in!
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