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Jul 17, 2011
Aug 15, 2009
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Jul 17, 2011
    1. blue death
      blue death
      well i hadnt even noticed it until i saw both pictures posted in your thread. those 2 figures are really similar in several ways so them having a link-up gimmick makes sense
    2. blue death
      blue death
      hey there thanks for the friend add man
    3. newguy
      Whats wrong with your Ironhide? You made a thread about it.
    4. newguy
      i often find many sweet Volkswagen for sale there, and one of my best friends live there (he lives in the hood of CO springs)
    5. newguy
      Colorado is awesome!!
    6. fallenkia
      sorry for late reply, all my custom also using aerosol lacquer for the base and mr color for touch-up, but when i use the mr color thinner, it will soften the plastic and eventually break at high stress joint area (knuckle joints and steel rod joint). Any suggestion for which brand 0f thinner?
    7. jackets
      i don't have them
    8. jackets
    9. jackets
    10. Venksta
      I ordered mine online back when I was in college, which was years ago. Check out the following website. You can download the trial versions to check out each program.

      Autodesk - 2D and 3D Design and Engineering Software for Architecture, Manufacturing, and Digital Entertainment
    11. Venksta
      Thanks! I use Softimage XSI. Its now owned by Autodesk, who also own 3D Max and Maya.
    12. Superquad7
      Awesome! I'll definitely check it out!
    13. kryptofred
      well, it depends on what I'm painting. The Motormaster I posted a few days ago I didn't use primer I used krylon fusion satin spray paint. It's heavy enough (and ,duh, black) that primer wasn't really nessasary.

      Most of my other customs are alternators. I find that if my base toy is all one color and your going darker primer isn't needed. If I'm combining diffrent parts from diffrent toys then I just use a light coat of whatever spray on primer is handy. It's only to keep my colors consistant. The quality of paint used for the top coat is what matters to me.

      And yes I use spray paint whenever I can.
    14. Ratchet2007
      No problem

      Happy to help
    15. rizuan76
      Hi there bro, we've not spoken before & how are you? also I've alrdy accepted yr friend invite. btw care to share a 'lil info abt yrself?

      Cheers man! :)
    16. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      Good point never watched that series much. I didn't really care for that version of Ironhide, just kinda weird when your used to the cowboy "why aren't we shootin' decepticons up" guy. Plus after G1 Hot rod became Rodimus he changed, I like him better when he was confident instead of wondering if he was good enough. You know your watching this and ya think "come on dude the Matrix choose you, yes your meant to lead". He definetly needed incouragement, poor guy :( I give him credit Prime's shoes are big ones to fill.
    17. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      Alrighta! Yeah good ole Ironhide can't help but love him. G1 hmm, I'm not sure who is fav in that series. I will have to think about that. Though I do like Hot Rod. My favorite Beast wars characters are Cheetor and Silverbolt.
    18. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      I'm fantabulso :) Okay I want to know who is your favorite transformer? Whats your fav TF series? Also do you like TFA or Beast wars
    19. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      Howdy! How's it going?
    20. jackets
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