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Oct 5, 2022
Apr 29, 2004
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Your own personal Jesus., Male, from Planet California

:D Jul 6, 2019

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Oct 5, 2022
    1. Honorbound
      I just read your posts with regard to the Armenian crisis. God be with your loved ones.
      1. Wolfguard
        Oh man, thank you so much for that. It's already effected 3 people I know. Really wish there was more I could do, but everyone I know there is telling me to stay here and keep talking to people about what's happening. I appreciate your words, friend - most of all, they just want people to care about what's going on.
        Oct 26, 2020
      2. Honorbound
        Any time, man. Like they said, the best thing you can do right now is spread the word.
        Oct 26, 2020
    2. Wolfguard
    3. Shattered Trousers
    4. KremzeekTyCobb
      Your cool peeps. Plus, not often I meet a die hard Depeche fan like myself. Follow me and I'll follow you!
    5. GoLion
      I have a few cousins that recently left California because of the way the state is headed.
      1. Wolfguard
    6. GoLion
      You ain't wrong about that totalitarianism post.
      1. Wolfguard
        Thanks, friend. I have found that certain ideologies are prone to it. I want the society I live in to remain as free as possible, so I fight against those who wish to destroy that.
        Mar 25, 2018
    7. CKPRIME
      Logic, FTW!
      1. Wolfguard
        It's the ultimate weapon! Helps one live long and prosper. ;)
        Mar 12, 2017
    8. Fallout
      hey brother, hope everything's been goin good with ya
      1. Wolfguard
        What up, Fallout - yeah, things are good on my end. Crazy busy at work, but it's totally worth it when I get that paycheck. Hope all is good with you too!! :D
        Mar 1, 2017
    9. Wolfguard
      Cool - thanks friend! Life is pretty intense these days. I just took a 3 day vacation a couple weeks ago and already feel like I need another. :p
    10. GoLion
      Hey man, if you ever need someone to shoot the shit with throw me a message.
    11. Wolfguard
      YES! Totally forgot to post about it - it was AWESOME! Great cinematography, music, and cast. The battle scenes were amazing. It's so epic. It does have juuust a little bit of "cheese," in a couple of scenes, but I wasn't bothered by it - made it fun when you least expect it. It ends with [SPOILER]
      ...so now the long wait till part 2 comes out next year. Not a lot of song and dance like in most Bollywood movies, so I don't know if that's the norm for Tulugu films. All in all, it was worth seeing. Definitely going to get the DVD when it comes out, and the soundtrack as soon as I find it. And yeah, it beat out Don as my favorite Indian movie.
    12. QLRformer
      So How was Bahubali? Have you seen it yet?
    13. Wolfguard
      Perhaps because it's a reference to the Depeche Mode song?
    14. byrnez
      How do you get away with having YOUR OWN PERSONAL JESUS yet the mention of God is taboo for the rest of us?:Gouki:
    15. Wolfguard
      If you want to "get the last word in", send it via email. Don't post bullshit on my damn message wall.

      And again, you need to take a biology class since you don't even know how to classify your animals correctly. Chimps are not humans, and humans are not chimps. Just like dogs are not wolves and wolves are not dogs. There are certain differences which REQUIRE different classification and identification. It's not so hard to figure that out.

      Furthermore, I'm guessing I have quite a bit more animal knowledge than you considering I have 14yrs experience in the veterinary field, as well as volunteer work with animals both wild and exotic. If you want to keep writing inaccurate bullshit, keep at it. I'll just keep responding with facts.
    16. Beastwarsfan95
      Buddy, species are defined these days by genetic similarities.
    17. Wolfguard
      Lol - I'm betting at least THAT will be guaranteed to entertain everyone no matter what!

    18. Shortwave
      Oh there are going to be sooo many monty python quotes about the next starwars.
    19. Wolfguard
      Haha, yes - California is a whole nuther planet. XD
    20. Venixion
      I don't think we live on the same street but I see we live in the same state. :D
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    Planet California
    STAT Surgery Courier and Assitant Rep
    Artist. Former vet tech. Music snob. "Poor man's" historian of the Middle East. My primary cultural interests for the past 22yrs have been Indo-Aryan, so I like to stay in formed about anything that has to do with Armenians, Persians, and Kurds.

    Audentes fortuna iuvat. ~ Fortune favors the bold.

    "Life has to be more than just a pulse beat. What we hold sacred gives our lives meaning." ~ Commander Jeffery Sinclair, Babylon 5