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    1. vbjjune
      Are you still interested in nemesis prime?
    2. ma70er
    3. GoLion
      I forgot to say thank you. Thank you! Your photo helped me with what I'm trying to do.
      1. Wolfdawg
        No problem. I guess to answer your previoud question, Rook is extremely white. Hotspot's ladder is also white, but maybe a shade or two more...creamy?
        Oct 3, 2016
        GoLion likes this.
      2. GoLion
        Yea, that's my thought as well. I had my figures packed away, and when I pulled my hotspot out, I looked at the ladder and got a bit freaked out that it was creamy compared to rook. I just wanted to make sure that I hadn't done something to yellow the figure. Seeing your photo makes realize that my figure is fine.
        Oct 3, 2016
    4. GoLion
      The shade of white is different from figure to figure, right? The ladder is almost a cream color whereas rook is more white? I can't really tell from your photo.
    5. GoLion
      No picture? Bummer. Thanks anyway :)
    6. GoLion
      Hey, any update on the photo?
    7. GoLion
      Thanks for helping me out. I really appreciate it. :)
    8. GoLion
      Sorry, can you take a picture of the ladder next to rook in vehicle mode.
    9. GoLion
      Hey, can you do me a favor? Can you take a picture of your CW defensor ladder next to your cw rook? I'm trying to do a color comparison for the two figures. Thanks in advance.
      1. Wolfdawg
        Sure, I could do that when I get home this evening. But just so I know I'm taking the right picture, do you want me to take a picture of Rook in bot mode standing next to Hotspot's ladder in vehicle mode? Your original message is a bit unclear.
        Sep 27, 2016
    10. Indy LF
      Indy LF
      Sorry meant that last boy to be a PM. Feel free to remove it if you can.
    11. Indy LF
      Indy LF
      U have fracture? I just need the head but mines kind of floppy also. Probably will never land a head anyway. What's the total shipped to Indiana using PayPal with PayPal's fees? I don't like choosing send as gift because you lose buyer protection. Not that you'd rip me off, lol. It's just a blanket rule I made for forum buy/sell threads. Seen too many deals go south on Indiana firearm & electronic cig forums. So far it's been smooth sailing as I've bought & traded effortlessly. Thanks.
    12. SWAGE66
      Hey, everything showed up today in perfect shape!! Thanks again for everything, your feedback has been entered as well. Take care.
    13. biocon
      happy new year!!!
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