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Completely retired customizer, Male, 42

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    1. cowclone
      I just had a look at that uther menasor and WOW how did he do that to his custom motormaster!!! what part did he use? hope he updates soon.
    2. cowclone
      not asking anything just saying hi
    3. cowclone
      Wikkid could you cheack my thread I want your word on my menasor. It's called "yes a custom menasor"
    4. cowclone
      thax man halped a lot.
    5. cowclone
      A ya how did you get brawl and swindle to fuse? need to know.
    6. cowclone
      thax man hapls alot I'll start thread soon when I can get a Skids good luck on your menasor v2
    7. cowclone
      dude I'm trying to make a transforming bruticus I need help with vortex, like how did you cut it pic like that. later
    8. plowking
    9. Wheel_Jack
    10. Oric
      gonn pm my addy instead
    11. Oric
      LOL those are them, and I am from Ontario so we should be good!

      How much would you like for them?
    12. Oric
      are you serious!? well i got the mp-04 so its that one, i figure thats first edition, it has clear lights. i need the structure that surrounds the lights and the lights *wonders if im over complicating something simple*
    13. Oric
      I have a request I am hoping you can help me with. I have looked for junkers, broken bots anything that can work for me. What I need is a cablight assembly for one of the fist coverings to MP-04/01. I am either looking for a junker that has one of these, an authentic light and covering for the cab, or a replica of two sets so they match as long as they are really close to the originals. Any way you can help me?
    14. thyvipera
      thanks for the tip.

      if u want, u can check out the band at myspace.com/yournameinvain

      the songs that are up there are a couple of years old and older. our new album is coming out in january, so i'll be glad when we can post new songs up there lol
    15. Auceps Prime
      Auceps Prime
      Do you still have the chest stickers you used foryour Alt Swindle? If so can I get that sticker I am finally trying to copy your designs as best as possible but not sure it will be a perfect match though.
    16. thyvipera
      thanks for the tips. right now i'm itching to do a huge scale dev. sculpture. might be a little expensive at the moment. but dang, hopefully i can pick up a piece here and there and keep the itch alive ;)

      your Bruticus is amazing. i love it so much. great work, and i cant WAIT until devastator gets rolling. he will dominate all..that's fer sure :)

      thanks for all the inspiration.
    17. thyvipera
      hey i was wondering if u had a resource of where you purchased your construction models. I'm been planning a large devastator sculpture inspired by sculpt bots he did a while back. I've been debating on whether to try and go with plastic toys or models. I want him to be gigantic :) anyways, i love your work so far and cant wait to see the masterpiece constructicons.
    18. Auceps Prime
      Auceps Prime
      Do you have any close up pics of your alt swindle and maybe a description on how you changed his hood transportation to become his chest
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