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Viewing thread The G.I. Joe Thread, May 19, 2022 at 4:19 PM
    1. Senator Magnificus
      Senator Magnificus
      Salutations. Whatcha reading? Any fresh kills to report?
    2. Digger
      1. WhiteMocha
        Awesome, thanks for letting me know! I'm glad you got it posted... I just went to check it out and it's great! Nice ideas there... I especially like your take on Silverbolt as a combining Star Saber, and Ultra Magnus as Motormaster. Keep up the great work, I look forward to seeing more ideas you post!
        Jan 31, 2018
      2. Digger
        Thanks so much!
        Jan 31, 2018
    3. Chromewear
      Charles! Is that you? Sorry I've forgotten your tfw nick. I have been trying to reach you. Gary here from Singapore. I have been in SF for a week and will be leaving this Sunday. Would you have time for a quick meet up?
    4. Venixion
      I know that craft stores have diorama pieces and that during Christmas and Halloween you can pick up things like rolls of grass, bricks, plants and figures at lots of other stores.
      1. WhiteMocha
        Nice! Great call to check during seasonal times. Thanks very much!
        May 8, 2017
      2. Venixion
        No problem.
        May 8, 2017
    5. Beastwarsfan95
    6. Beastwarsfan95
      No, your not crazy. That would get really annoying real quick.
    7. QLRformer
      Just chiming in to say that a good American political satire is Veep, on HBO. If you enjoy that sort of thing, check it out.

      Anyhow, I like your idea. I enjoy politics and political stories. While Transformers (as a kid-oriented franchise) will likely never venture far into that territory, if it did your "Starscream as politician" idea is a good one. He does have a lot of the stereotypical character flaws that people associate with politicians... arrogance, cravenness, opportunism, disloyalty, etc., but with just enough smooth-talking charm to keep himself in a leadership role.
      Thank you for the recommendation and for liking the concept.
    8. Starfire22
      When I made the thread, I didn't mean "Ok, the city/state people will pick will get destroyed! (Hypothetically)". That's not what I do.
    9. transmuseum
      Thanks for accepting the friend request! Look forward to discussing vintage / all transformers in the future.
    10. Jus09
    11. grimlockprime
      no problem.offer stands if you change your mind
    12. grimlockprime
      if you still looking for SG Longarm,pm me.i can do a custom one that will be fairly detailed
    13. Underwear
      Hey flabby guy! wassup? :)
    14. Fallout
      i like my megatrons, optimi and starscreams all around the same general height. i still can't find an 'excuse' for all the mass shifting going on in G1 but in other continuities (especially movie) i like to pretend megatron had some suspicions about starscream and forced him to get some kind of body mod or something that makes it where starcream's body is forced to shrink in robot mode, no matter how massive his alt mode is. of course starscream is the only aircraft we get a leader for, dang it. i would kill for a leader rotf mindwipe.
    15. Fallout
      that's a nice scale chart you made. never realised how tiny optimus would really be to grimlock.
    16. Starfire22
      What figure is that in your avatar?
    17. GogDog
      Sorry, the message was meant to say "Hello, WhiteMocha, my good man!" I said "no" for short.
    18. GogDog
    19. haha
      Hello friend, I'm not a really active member on this site, but I do customs from time to time. I have recently completed one inspired by your digibashes. I have linked your work on the gallery I put up at Seibertron.com Wanted to let you know I love what you do and thought you might enjoy seeing one of your concepts developed a box set.GetRightRobot 2012 Box Set.
    20. Autobot78
      WHITEMOCHA RULES!!! that will be all :)
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