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Jan 17, 2016
Sep 4, 2010
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Jan 17, 2016
    1. matas420
      Pm Sent Mr. Wheeljack
    2. Liokaiser
    3. kinglouie731
      pm'ed you bro
    4. Axel990
      Hey man, I got Laserbeak today. I left feedback on your thread. Thanks for everything!
    5. wheeljack2010
      In response to AEproductions comments here-

      I'm deeply sorry this simple/minor trade got way out of hand.

      The deal was his Cyb. Magnus head (and some other misc. parts that I did not need-but he sent anyway) for my Cyberverse DOTM Guzzle. I recieved the parts beginning of Feb. and proceeded to ship Guzzle about a week and a half later. Then these messages showed up on my page here (I don't check this page at all - so I missed these comments initially). He apparently also PM'd me several times, but I had a full PM box, so these I never got as well.

      Long story short, he never got the Guzzle I sent out (guessing I sent it to the wrong address - my fault entirely here, as I didn't get a tracking # -this is what happens when you're in a rush, bad things happen), I'm having trouble now finding another for him, so I've sent him $14 for the UM head instead. Truthfully it has been a little over a month since I got his item, a little over 2 since we began talking of the transaction.

      Just wanted to explain my side of the deal for what it's worth. Every Deal has 2 sides to it.....This is not usually like me to get blasted like this, and I can only hope that people do not take him at his word. He was mad, I get that, but resorting to this is NOT COOL either.
    6. ae_productions
      It's been 2 months. What is going on? Where's the toy you owe me?
    7. ae_productions
      Hey Jason. Just checking in to see if you mailed off the Guzzle you owe me. It's been over a month since you were suppose to put it in the mail. You are not answering your PM's. Drop me a line and let me know what is going on.
    8. ae_productions
      Hey Jason. Still waiting on that Guzzle. Has it shipped yet? Sent several PM's to you over the last 3 weeks. Send me the tracking when you can.
    9. ae_productions
      Hey Jason! Was wondering if your Ultra Magnus (RID) head came in the mail yet, or if you had the chance to send of the Guzzle yet. Thanks Jason!
    10. hXcpunk23
      Hey Jason, I haven't had much free time lately to work much on the parts. I did finish up the Prime head (minus the parts you wanted on the side). Still want to make sure of exactly what you were wanting for that part. I'll show you the Prime head soon. I need to finish up those Galvatron parts soon though. Got sidetracked with a new job (Target) and some crazy shit happening around here (a girl was abducted and murdered here at our apartment complex this past Friday). So my mind hasn't been in customs as much lately, but I'm hoping to get cranking on things again soon, my friend. I'll post more when I get some stuff done again soon. Hope you're good, man.
    11. twiztidRodimus
      Do you have pictures of the thrust?
    12. Dr. Grimlockisking
      Dr. Grimlockisking
      Hey Jason, it shows me that your PM box is full, if you would let me konw when you have some space cleared I'll PM you my address, thanks!
    13. hthrun
      Are you still looking to sell that Ratchet junker with the weapon? Did you get my last PM?
    14. hXcpunk23
      Hey Jason! Glad to hear the paint job is coming along great, man. Looking forward to seeing this one! I didn't get to work much on anything this week (been fighting a cold) and I had to special order some extra styrene parts that I'm hoping will work with this (I thought I had more of a certain "H" type that I wanted to try, but apparently I'm down to the little bit of it. It came in yesterday, with some extra paint I ordered for Brawn and my Combaticons I've been working on for nearly 2 1/2 years. I just took our dogs out and noticed you wrote and wanted to get back to you. I'll hit it today and hopefully have something nice to show you later tonight, my friend. I think this is going to be one nice bash, once you have everything you need!

    15. autobotx23
      Yay!!! ROTF Drift is HARD! Nice one! :thumb
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