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    1. Lucius Chaar
      Lucius Chaar
      Hi, wgoodman. How much are you looking for the Voyager Blackout, Swindle, Jazz, Lockdown, and Leader Ultra Magnus (out of box)? I'm new here, so I'm trying to get used to the place and I kinda want to get my hands on some TF figures that I missed out.
    2. zelse
      Roadbuster magnus, both cybertron megatrons, elite guard bee.
      What would you like for them?
    3. SydneyY
      hey :) Thanks for the Friends invite. I don't keep the list anymore, but am very happy to hear from you. Hope you have been well.
    4. Superquad7
      Oh you bet!
    5. Superquad7
      I have a MiB KP Rodimus in my sales thread :wink:
    6. UNICRON2020AD
      can i buy stuff from your sale thread
    7. TFareCool
      Thanks. I've been working on it, but I plan to make a new setup to get it as good as I can without pro equipment.

      Anyway, I found an old speedlite too. It's a 2800 AF, has the same shoe as Nikon/Canon (ISO shoe), and I can get it to fire, but I can't control how much flash it puts out.

      I know it only has 2 setting, but only one will fire.

      Anyway, If I get an external, it'll probably be a Nissin or used Nikon.
    8. TFareCool
      I found my Grandfather's Tamrac bag for his Minolta. Aside from his 50 1.7, he has a 70-210 f/4. Need to find an adapter :).

      Anyways, I'm excited and am sad over not seeing more of your pics. :lol
    9. TFareCool
      Posted in Social Group.

      I don't dislike the Sony at ALL, read my post. Actually the Nikon version I was thinking of is lacking in the same Department.
    10. TFareCool
      Honestly I need to out of the group. At the time, I didn't appreciate animated toys. They didn't fit in. But they had some amazing designs, and some fun/simple transformations.

      So yes, I am now a 'lover' of animated.
    11. TFareCool
      Thanks for the friend request!

      And your photos are looking very very nice. If you wouldn't mind; how about some more clear figures?
    12. SydneyY
      Oh, take your time :) If I were you I'll probably take weeks before I go through all of them, just to savour every moment!

      Yeah I've got 2 boys. Actually the older one takes package pics of the new toys sometimes, because he wants to open them :lol

      (I've heard from the other party of your deal, glad to hear it's working out well.)
    13. SydneyY
      Gorgeous!! Now that you have them in hand, which one stands out most to you?
    14. SydneyY
      We are now friends!  Thank you for the add.
    15. SydneyY
      Re; EG Prime - will definitely let you know! I'll make sure he'll be at least cheaper than online shops. Would be awesome if he could join your Animated collection.
    16. CURAMEN
      Thanks for the heads up on the Grand Maximus. It was greatly appreciated. :thumb
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