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Feb 7, 2021
Dec 13, 2007
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Feb 7, 2021
    1. Acceleration
      which comic maker do you use for megatron anonymous? i really wanna use it for my comic
    2. MaxLinden
      Thanks for being alive to show off your comedic gold!
    3. mrdecepticon
      Love your Megatron anonymous stuff,im reading through it and its hilarious.
    4. Saberfrost01
      I would say I need time to take pics but as he's locked away, it's a good job I had a pic of him already (although I do need full body pics.)

      But first I think I'll tease you with a shadow he managed to cast one night. :3


      He was incredibly dudstry when I took this pic but he wears dust well :cool:

      I'll get some full body pics for you to at some piont (probably saturday as that's when I shoot my comic kill 2 birds with one stone)
    5. Saberfrost01
      Ya know somthing? Your Galvatrons' are looking for Decepticon leaders and I have my Custom Animated Galvatron Locked up in my 'Chamber Of Forrbiden Evils'

      Reason it's a reapaint that was fine... Untill I got my hands on Pro-Markers.

      Just somthing I've suddenly thought of that's all. :lol
    6. Saberfrost01
      Freind Request Accepted, Graciously.
      It is an honour to be aboard.
    7. KA
      just read your comics, funny stuff. its a early on in the thread but same dork also posted in my comic about using 'cybertronian slang' when i cursed too much lol screw that noise.
    8. Autobot_Wall-E
      No visitor messages? Well here is your first one! :D
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