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Aug 19, 2006
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Dec 1, 2022
    1. King Kaiser
      King Kaiser
      That's for dang sure
    2. Buk Lau
      Buk Lau
      You joined in 2013 but have visitor messages from 2011?

      What sorcery is this?
    3. King Kaiser
      King Kaiser
      Alright so here is the full thing that happened I made a thread asking TonyFormer if the Santa Claus guy (The Robot Head that was revealed on a stick) was killed in TF4. Someoen was like WTF?! Then someone asked me what made me angry at Santa Claus and I told that he didn't give me a wookie (just to screw around) and I said he got me a jar jar instead ( again just to screw around) and someone called it a crappy canned food,and then I rewrote is as the bearded guy and then I wrote "Moderators just delete this thread"

      So I waited a couple hours just to see if it was deleted,just to find it had a reminder of the rules,basically claiming that I was spamming,insulting,name calling,etc,etc. Now even though I did not insult anyone or do any name calling, I will admit that I screwed up and made a thread to be tooken seriously and probably turned it into spam.
      So there is the story
    4. Moy
      Nah, i found it though, it was those ILM spins in full high rez, a bit blurry though, of sideswipes face, fallens face & I think Jetfire.
    5. Minh'T
      OK man :D
    6. Moy
      what up bro,
      Hey, I was recently trying to access that old link from paramounts press day from ROTF over at seibertron.com, but I couldn't seem to find the entier interview. I found something, but when I click on an image it says "invalid" or something like that..

      anyway let me know if you've got the images saved. thanks.
    7. Minh'T
      Could u take any image of Ironhide's CGI render?
    8. Minh'T
    9. DrLee
      yeah, heard that the FIA weren't convinced any of the applicants could get their game together quick enough...

      my guess it'll be a tiny fine... and not the point deduction/Race ban that they deserve
    10. DrLee
      Haven't seen it yet, will check it out later....

      oh, did you know that today is the day Ferrari appear before the FIA to answer for the team orders FUBAR?
    11. DrLee
      HUGE F1 fan, will happily wake up at 4am to watch the long haul races LOL... sadly my first memory of F1 is losing Ayrton... but he was.... amazing.

      Bruno is a good driver, and i REALLY hope this year is the start of something good for him. Can't see HRT back next year...
    12. Chopperface
      Begya pardon, but where did you find that image of Prime for your avatar, good sir?
    13. turk128
      Hello, next time you want to upload big files, try - Sharebee.com, the one and only online file hosting distribution service. .... they upload it to 4 other upload sites for you. Hope this helps :D
    14. DrLee
      I have seen your site... not been on it in a while as i've been crazy busy....getting a new car at the end of the month, so i'm busy trying to sort it all out and get the £££ for it.

      Pegasus Four, for the show Stargate:Atlantis, was held at one of the smaller Heathrow hotels right at the end of the North Runway, I'm hopefully going back there in October for a Sanctuary convention... ££ permitting that is.
    15. DrLee
      my apologies mate... if i've missed you speaking directly to me then, honest to god, it wasn't intentional.

      I'll see what i can doo with the others.

      I'm doing great atm, spent the weekend at a sci-fi convention a couple of weeks back.

      How are you doing?
    16. knook
      Happy New Year!
    17. knook
      Merry Christmas Waveride
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