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May 31, 2018
Feb 23, 2009
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May 31, 2018
    1. Mechafacture
      Congratulation on being featured in our nation newspaper!!!
    2. Alloy Alchemist
      Alloy Alchemist
      your MP astrotrain is AWESOME!!!!!
    3. rizuan76
      Selamat hari raya, maaf zahir & batin.

      Enjoy yr celebrations abg Wan! :)
    4. Wheel_Jack
      Yeah azwan, I have to many "professionals" that I my friends on there. I gotta keep the toys on the down low. :) lovin' how you're customs are turning up lately brutha. I still want a six shot. I gotta figure something out to trade ya. btw, are you using the oversized ko version of six shot or the standard size? do tell. inquiring minds want to know.
    5. rizuan76
      Ha ha takde lah Wan. this one pun kat sini..gak (tak payah register lol). it's on the TFW toy discussion sub-forum. :D
    6. rizuan76
    7. rizuan76
      Muka ape tu yg bertopeng Wan? ha ha lol :D

      (Dat small pix on yr avatar)
    8. kopi
      salam wan...
      never knew there were some dam good TF kitbasher in malaysia...
      glad to know that they does exist... :D
      i'm 30 years old and an old timer TF fans...
      have quite some good collection but nowadays due to money shortage, i buy those 'cap ayam' punya aje... ha ha ha

      anyway... keep update your blog bro...
      love your MP sixshot...
      really love it man !!! good job !! double thumbs up !!
    9. rizuan76
      Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin. take care & hope you have a good celebration ahead of you. Peace be upon you bro :)
    10. wan_de_real
      thnks X...i apreciate ur honest thought..we can discuss anything..i'll also want to learn from you..oh ya...you can go to my blog too..if you hav google ac, you can subscribes..im more often update the WIP there instead of other forum..
    11. autobotx23
      I don't really judge anyone's skill. It's what goes on in their mind's eye. That always impresses me. :thumb
    12. autobotx23
      Consider me a fan. :thumb
    13. rizuan76
      Wan this is my custom-painted ROTF Leader OP. nothing much lah bro, just touch-up here & there dat's all.

      Let me know what you think. any comments & criticism is much appreciated. :)



    14. rizuan76
      Ha ha it's ok Wan bro takpe no worries. if you ever come to Sg one day, I can be yr sort-off unofficial TF/toys "tour-guide" ha ha. :lol

      I did that for a few overseas TFW boardmembers before. I helped show them around on where to get good deals & where to find them. also here you can even find Takaratomy stufs like Henkei, Encore, Binaltechs, MPs & etc at the normal retail dept stores (betul bro tak bohong! lol). ;)

      Also I'll even intro u to some guys from both TFW & TF.sg too. most of them really like meeting up with new ppl with like minded interest. kat sini pun banyak malay guys into TFs jugak. k bro take care & keep in touch ya.

      Cheers! :)
      Wan Md Nazir (rizuan76)

      Oh btw wan I just sent you a friendship invite.
    15. rizuan76
      Hey Wan!,

      Apa khabar bro, I hope I'm not bothering you or anything. but I saw dat you've just joined TF.sg. hah hah good man. I've admired yr work for quite awhile bro. I just posted a msg for you on TF.sg "introductions" thread. hope to see yo post there more often bro.

      TF.SG, the fan site! Uniting Transformers Fans in Singapore and the region! - Re:Introductions (2009 Edition) - Transformers.SG

      Btw If you happen to drop by our lion city anytime soon, just drop me a PM. I'll try & assist you in anyway possible. ;)

      Cheers! :)
      Wan (rizuan76)
    16. turboedguy
      You bet Wan, I like your work too, you should post more of your customs here.:thumbs2:
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