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Oct 17, 2011
Aug 4, 2011
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Oct 17, 2011
    1. ErbFan28
      Looks great!!! Thanks
    2. ErbFan28
      I guess I'd rather have a completely new picture. I love the look of the Constructicon picture now, but it might look kinda funny with Mixmaster looking different in terms of style than the others
    3. ErbFan28
      I love the sig, but is there anyway you could include Mixmaster in the sig? If not, thats fine. It looks great either way.
    4. ErbFan28
      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It looks awesome.
    5. legolas grof
      legolas grof
      I'm glad I could be of some assistance. :) If you have any more questions I'd be glad to give a shot at answering them.
    6. Ecchokat
      oh sorry I thought you had to resize it again mybad thank you so much for the new siggy.
    7. Ecchokat
      Thank you for doing that please let me know when its resized
    8. legolas grof
      legolas grof
      you got it dude! I was stumped for months on how to do it lol

      First you're gonna want to open an acount on a photo hosting website like photobucket. Next post your photo in your account and select image resizing. (Photobucket will alow you to resize images by the dimentions in pixels) So all you have to do is copy the photo and paste it where ever you want.

      For making signatures it's not enough just to resize it on photobucket you have to acctully make the signature with the page being at 500 by 300 pixels. I prefer to doctor up my photos on Corel Photo Paint.
    9. Ecchokat
      no they have not.
    10. eagc7
      u like the timline? :p
    11. eagc7
      as i said i have the scans of
      Movie Prequel issue 1-4
      Movie Prequel Special
      Ghost of Yesterdays
      Saga of the Allspark issue 1-4
      The Reign of Starscream Issue 1-5
      Alliance Issue 1-4
      Defiance Issue 1-4
      The Veiled Threat
      Tales of the Fallen Issue 1-6
      Nefarious Issue 1-6
      Unite for the Universe Issue 1-3
      Sector 7 Issue 1-5
      Rising Storm Issue 1-4
      Foundation 1-4
      Corvegence chapter 1-4 (but u read this oen already)

      so if ur missing one i coudl send it to you :P

      OR u could check the timeline of the bayformers universe
      Movie timeline - Transformers Wiki
    12. eagc7
      We see SHockwave coming to earth in risng storm issue 2 and how the humans found him, you haev to re-read all comics :P
    13. eagc7
      though it does beg to question how Shockwave of all Decepticons got captured
    14. eagc7
      or I could ask him. give me all Questions u have of the comics and i will ask him
    15. eagc7
      No the soviets didnt had Jetfire, it was the nazis who had Jetfire remember re-read Sector 7 issue 4

      but if ya have any questions on the comics join twitter and ask the writter of the DOTM comics
    16. eagc7
      what u think fo covergence?
    17. eagc7
      you haev to buy all 4 issues of the Adaptation for DOTM for read it but i have the scans of the adaptations of DOTM Thsu i haev corvergence if ya want i coudl send u the scans :P or you could the adaptations fourself (not the tradepaperback cause the one does not include it). also it shows hwo the fallen is freed from the relic :P
    18. eagc7
      okay did u read the prequels novels too and tf Covergence?
    19. eagc7
      no im telling you if you wanna hear the full lsit in case u missed one
    20. eagc7
      checking tfw and youtube.

      so ya read the bayformers prequels right? just to be sure u read them all wanna know the full lsit of Prequels?
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