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Jan 8, 2016
Jun 10, 2008
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Von Rojas

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Jan 8, 2016
    1. Cobra_Commander
      aww never any love
    2. Vladakris
      No problem, its always great to speak with a person I respect.
    3. Von Rojas
      Von Rojas
      I dread the day *shudders*

      Well, I have some things to finish over on the forum before I go to bed, So I bid you adios for now good sir, Been nice talking to you :D

    4. Vladakris
      Yup, im not to financially perfect either. I usually find a way to getting everyone. Though recently I only get the ones that interest me. Yup, id never buy anything for a 80% increase on the price just to get it a few months early. Yeah before you know it deluxes will be as much as voyagers....
    5. Von Rojas
      Von Rojas
      Well, Believe it or not I come from quite a financially restricted family. Not starving every week sort of thing but just enough to go around, So I am very careful about what I buy.
      I would never dream of paying £200 on a toy that would not only be released for £10 within months but would also be released in better condition. lol.
      Some people let the Tube go to their heads.
      But damn the figure Price hike, Damn it to hell............
    6. Vladakris
      Yes gotta love the "get a girl nerd" comments. Every time I hear that another Wheelie is born.....Its seemed to have died down.. its still there within a few people but not much. Im glad I do collect! but for the prices of figures going up where I live, its getting harder, Im going to have to start picking my transformers instead of the "hey ill just buy one of every mold that comes out" with the exceptional repaint, and remold.
    7. Von Rojas
      Von Rojas
      I dissapeared around the time of the YouTube feud. I just could not be arsed with it. I mean it is heard enough to explain to "Socially Accepted" people the idea behind toy collecting, But for people to start wars over plastic crack, Not cool at all :(
    8. Vladakris
      Your welcome, Just keep making awesome videos, and I cant wait for the next episode your on! Anyways im glad youtubes "review wars" have died down :popcorn, It was depressing to watch the fan rip eachother limb from limb on video. Though I did sadly get a few laughs.
    9. Von Rojas
      Von Rojas
      I completely thank you for your Von Rojas endorsement :D
      It really is sweet of you man, Thank :D
    10. Vladakris
      Yup, there both very nice people too. I enjoy what they do, and I especially enjoy some of there rants. Like when Dave got worked up this episode for the price rip-off from the ratchet, and BB two pack. The shows very enjoyable, and its a blast when your on, and I'd love to see you on more, you crack me up everytime.
    11. Von Rojas
      Von Rojas
      Ah, A recent member. Number 219 of a possible 220 :D
      I am glad you are a fan. It does not seem much, But Andy and Dave work their butts of for that Pod-Cast. I salute them
    12. Vladakris
      Yes sir, under the same user name. I havent had the chance to make to many posts sense. I have only been on the forum for a day, but ive been listening sense episode 1.
    13. Vladakris
      Sweet, I love your videos, and I loved your parts on the moonbase2, your yoda bits had me in tears XD.
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