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Jul 29, 2002
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Apr 28, 2010
    1. Arkimus Prime
      Arkimus Prime
      You did a good job, sir.
    2. Cliffjumper
      You were great as prime in rid 2001
    3. Black Oracle
      Black Oracle
      And here's that picture: Botcon Europe 2002!
    4. Black Oracle
      Black Oracle
      A Welsh Comic Con? Might have to look into that.

      Was it 2005 when you were at AA? Sorry, my memory's terrible. But i do remember you were a fantastic convention guest to have around. You were so much fun! It's great that you are so willing to get out and meet fans at these events.

      I believe i have a picture i took with you from Botcon Europe. I'll have to see if i can get it up and link it to you.
    5. VoiceofRiDPrime
      Ms. Oracle...

      Botcon Europe sure was 2002... but my visit to AA was in 2005. I sure wish I did remember you, I certainly had a great time at both events!

      Good news... I should be at Wales Comic Con in September 2010. Be sure to come out and say "hello".
    6. Black Oracle
      Black Oracle
      Mr. Kaplan, good to see you around here! I caught your response to a post of mine in the "Do you think there will ever be a successor to Optimus Prime?" thread in the Transformers General Discussion forum.

      I'd just like to say also that i'm really honoured to have met you twice before in the U.K. years ago! Once at Botcon Europe 2002 and then at Auto Assembly the year after (i think?). You probably won't remember me, but i think i was the only Chinese girl around at those conventions. I hope you've been well the last few years since i last saw you.

    7. VoiceofRiDPrime
      Yes, Cyber... I'm always up to help my pals at TFW 2005.
    8. Superquad7
      Great to see ya around, man :thumb
    9. VoiceofRiDPrime
      Hi Guys... sorry I haven't been around much. These days a lot of my time is going toward StarCraft II. I would LOVE to do TFCon... all they have to do is bring me on up!

      I hope you're having a GREAT 2010 so far.
    10. Enigma2K2
      Its the smile... you both have the same warm smile.
    11. Cyber-Kun
      Aw shucks, that's a shame. :P Say, interested in doing an interview for TFW2005?
    12. Enigma2K2
      BTW, anyone ever tell you that you look like a handsome Herman Munster?
    13. Cyber-Kun
      Well, I just told the staff of TFCon that, so who knows? So what else are you working on these days?
    14. Cyber-Kun
      Neil, you should try to come out to TFCon (Transformers convention in Toronto) for next year!
    15. Mechafire
      It's always awesome to see a person who has worked on making Transformers what it is in the fandom.
    16. Enigma2K2
      I know I'm not the biggest fan of Car Robots/RID, but... and I'm being honest here... you and the guys who did the voices for X Brawn and Ultra Magnus were enjoyable. Plus the first RID figure I got was of course... Optimus Prime.

      Cool to know you're part of the community.
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