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Apr 2, 2011
    1. Caine
      Same here, I'm busy with my job, so haven't got much time to spend online, except via my BlackBerry. But yeah, that's all.

      Still listenin' to metal, dude? ;)

      Anyway, hope you're doin' good & keep rockin'. And last but not least, I'm terribly sorry for the late reply.. >_>

    2. legolas grof
      legolas grof
      hey, who's that creepy guy on your avatar?
    3. Caine
      It's been a while.. How you doin', buddy? ;)
    4. Nachtsider
      Skullgrin - Transformers Generations - Transformers Resources

      There ya go. He has a ram's skull for a head, complete with horns. How metal is that? :rock
    5. Nachtsider
      I don't own Straxu- I mean, Darkmount; the pic is courtesy of a friend who does. He and many others have had nothing but praise for the toy. Yours truly is waiting for the Skullgrin repaint, which will be released next year.
    6. Nachtsider
    7. Nachtsider
      Thanks again! Yeah, that one's a beauty all right - silver on black is instant win. Don't hesitate to ask her if it's available for purchase or if she can make you one; she's one of the most gracious sellers I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. May be a plus if you tell her that Christopher sent you; do tell me if you score that piece! :D
    8. Nachtsider
      Haha, thanks very much! The lady who makes these leather masks, Erika Downey, is an amazing craftswoman; you can check out her stuff at this address:


      Mine is the 'Daemon' (without skeletal highlights). Cost me about $190 (shipping not included), which I had to save for over a period of three weeks, but it was worth every penny. :rock
    9. Nachtsider

      As promised. :D
    10. Nachtsider
      Wow, Snowy did vocals on this album? I didn't know! He's a solid drummer; I've liked his work ever since he was with King Diamond and Mercyful Fate.
    11. Nachtsider
      Dude, don't worry about the flub - I managed to obtain the actual album on my own. I like 'Chess with the Abyss' and 'Dimmu Borgir' - their orchestral arrangements are so amazingly vertiginous, conveying a sense of soaring past bleak, foreboding, blizzard-wracked mountain peaks. 'A Jew Traced Through Coal' is great, too - the bridge would make a perfect military march for an infernal legion. And the guitar work on 'Renewal' is simply amazing. Dimmu have truly outdone themselves. :rock
    12. Nachtsider
      Sweeeeeet - I'm listening to it now. You have my gratitude. :D
    13. Nachtsider
      Holy shit, really? I'm sold. Hit me up; I'll be eternally thankful.
    14. Nachtsider
      So, I FINALLY got to listen to 'Gateways'. The choir and symphonic arrangements are dramatic and full of menace, while the deranged spiraling of the guitar bits provided a great atmosphere of dread and paranoia. Shagrath's vocal diversity really shows, with him alternating between high-pitched snarls and low growls. As for this girl Agnete, her initial singing part I found a little flow-breaking and therefore disconcerting, but she eventually comes into her own, sounding a lot like Victoria Harrison. Overall, I liked what I heard - can't wait for the full album. :D
    15. Nachtsider
      Dude, that is fucking fantastic. I've ordered a leather mask that looks just like a horned skull; when it turns up, I'll repay the favor with a photo of me doing just that very pose. :rock
    16. Tyrannosaur
      You're welcome :) some people just need to be more open minded to new ideas like you and me. I can understand the freakout that most people had when they first saw some of the designs of the characters from Animated back in July '07 I think, but when that clip showed up, and then the image of Megatron, it turned my mind around completely.
    17. Tyrannosaur
      Wow, really. Im sorry but whats wrong with just going into a movie and enjoying yourself. If its bad have a couple laughs, if its good enjoy it. People try to hard now days to be critics. Which is fine, because good art is born through criticism, but analyzing everything and going to the extreme just seems pointless. Its entertainment. Ill admit the twins were absolutely annoying, so what they had maybe 10 minutes of screen time all together at the most, If I dont like a character I simply use the time there on screen to do something else.

      I understand some movies are complete utter crap, like air bender, but im not going to rant about it for days, whats done is done. It wasnt enjoyable, but it wasnt a very big name to get a movie cast in the first place. While on the other hand Transformers is. Just enjoy the entertainment, stop being a so set on being a full on critic, take a fresh breath and have some fun.

      Transformers is something I grew up with sense Beast Wars, but im not going to go rabid over things I dont like, I will just simply move on, and hope for the best next time. No reason for rudeness or bad blood. Things happen.

      Ive never seen a Character design or an aesthetic for Transformers I didnt like. Its great to see a change every now and then, Character designs are just designs as long as Optimus remains a symbol of good, and Megatron is pure evil, Im not to picky about there designs, let new artists create new things, let them have fun.

      I love Transformers toys, the've been great fun. It seems they've lost there fun recently though. Every time hasbro/takara tries something new there's an outburst of complaining, whining hating ect. Besides the movie (which is honestly getting kinda stale), and Animated (R.I.P I loved your uniqueness) It seems like how everyone is so set on how things should be that hasbro is probably afraid to try anything new. The toys recently have had no fun in them that I have purchased besides my Animated purchases. This "Generations" line is so boring to me, it feels like Ive already had all of these toys before. I just wish people would let the creative teams let there imagination go wild, im sure Has/Tak will keep them in line but a little freshness never hurts.

      Transformers Prime has caught my eye and it looks really great and somewhat fresh, but ive heard no toys.......and thats a big disappointment, I really enjoy having these characters in plastic form, it just adds to the fun and enjoyment of the series for me.
      I think this may have been one of the best posts I've read on this board. Why can't more people here think like this?! :lol

      I fully 100% agree with everything you stated, besides the remark on the Generations line. Try buying deluxe-class Cybertronian Optimus you'll love it :D I got him yesterday and trust me he is a VERY unique figure and his awesomeness is comparable to that of the RoTF Leader class prime.

      By your post you sir are the perfect example of what a true fan should be. Major kudos to you dude :)
    18. Nachtsider
      That's the nature of the beast, man. This fandom can be very polarized and opinionated. It can be a good circle to hang around in, however, if you stick with the right company and ignore the asses. Your leaving sucks, as I consider you totally among that 'right company' I mentioned; I hope you'll reconsider your course of action. Best wishes, nevertheless, friend - no matter what you do or where you go. :(
    19. Nachtsider
      Carcass! I haven't listened to them in ages. Yes, you're right - as amazing as they are live, nothing really beats the joy of listening to an album of great all-new material.
    20. Nachtsider
      Lonely? Aw, I hope that changes quick. In the meanwhile, you'll always have people like me to talk to. :)

      Music-wise, there hasn't really been anything good on the airwaves as of late. Cradle of Filth are releasing an album that sounds like it might be interesting, but that only comes out in October. So, I'm just immersing myself in my old material for the moment. You?
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