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    1. G1Trypticon
      hey dud ei ahd to elave you another message i also heard that the epsiode liating for season 2 and season 3 are out or order of what they should be is this true.
    2. G1Trypticon
      hey dude did you finsih the whole matrix of leadership boxset yet. I came by too see what the series wa slike remasterd. do they have those comercial bumpers in ther cartoons. ddi they fix the heavy metal war episode in season 1. do they have the five faces of darkness intro for the five faes of darkness episodes instead of just the regular season three opening. Did they fix all the animation errors ins eason three and what character biogrpahys do they ghave in that episode booklet.
    3. G1Trypticon
      thanks man let me know if they have the five face sof darkness intro for those epsiodes or the regular season 3 intro. and what charcters biographys do they have in the booklet.
    4. G1Trypticon
      yo viper i am the one who started that matrix of leadership boxset questions thread. I saw that you already had the boxset so this is my questions on the boxset. Did they fix all animation errors like miscoloring and what characters were or were not suppose to be there. What characters do they have information on in the booklet. Do they have that five faces of darkness intro for the five faces of darkness of episodes. what is the quality like too.
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