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You are being deceived., 41, from Seattle, WA

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    1. Yggdrasil
      It wasn't this bad circa '06 when I was getting in the fandom.

      Seriously the MP collectors are some of the bitchiest, whiniest manchildren in this fandom.

      And in a fandom made almost exclusively out of whiny bitchy manchildren it's saying something.
    2. RRavage
      Hi mate, thanks for the message. I'll miss it too, but I believe I've made the right choice regarding Transformers and MMC. Maybe one day I'll be back, never say never. All I have to do now is sell on my Hexatron, Bovis and Hyper Novae and I'm done. I hope that you all have a blast with Rex when he is complete. Just to say, what Peaugh has shown so far isn't all of the combinations that can be made. I'll leave it at that!
    3. LegionMaximus
      Emerald City Comic Con for sure! Also someone recently told me there's an annual TF convention in Tacoma or somewhere?
    4. LegionMaximus
      We're both from the Emerald City, I believe. :)
    5. Girl Pants
      Girl Pants
      Haha, love the sig!
    6. QLRformer
    7. RRavage
      Being direct kinda cuts down the fun and conversation, little tid bits to whet the appetite generates a nice bit of banter!
    8. MachSabre
      Sorry for the long delay in reply, I've been out of town for a bit here. I'm friends with quite a few of the IDW artists, so it's likely they tweeted it from my gallery. And I'm completely cool with it. It's why I make those faction symbols in the first place, as resources for people to use for whatever reasons, and I don't ask for credit for it at all. But with the Rodimus Star, that was one of the few faction symbols that is pretty identifiably one I made. So yeah, when I saw your avatar, it made me happy, seeing the Star spread around with a life of it's own. As it should, because everyone should have one...

      ...But Trailbreaker. :)
    9. Rewind
      I got the most recent hardcover release. Actually haven't read the text extras yet, but I will for sure.
    10. Rewind
      It was fantastic! On my way through a second read right now. I have to admit that I was disappointed how Ironfist survived it all only to be nailed by a lodged bullet aneurysm at the end, but that's just me wanting more Ironfist - I have nothing against tragic endings for protagonists. I'm very much looking forward to starting MTMTE. Roche did some Spotlights too, right?
    11. usernamedustin
      Well, hello fellow Seattle resident. I was just picking on Transbot a bit. He crapped all over the other guys digibash, so I thought I would crap on his lame post.
    12. Alteron_Sheng
      Terribly sorry^^ If I ever do find a way to do so, I'll let you know ^^
    13. Alteron_Sheng
      Sorry, I didn't get them at a hobby store. When I'm at Botcon I tend to keep an eye out for junker toys that look like they'll have parts I can use for kitbashing... I've got a little cup with about half a palmful of knurled pins in it from me going through the pile occasionly and going 'nope, can't use THAT' and taking the pins our before tossing the remains of the junker part.
    14. deathsheadII
      thanks , i found it amusing when i made it lol
    15. bacon4e
      Oh I know. I think it's really cool, probably better than mine, also just thought it was kinda funny that it was the same (altered) quote as mine.
    16. bacon4e
      Nice sig quote.
    17. Moonscream
      Hey there yourself. :)
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