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Nov 19, 2019 at 10:43 PM
    1. Superquad7
      It's still pretty easy to do. In order for our Creative threads to stay active, this is something we require members to do. If you need help, just lmk.
    2. Superquad7
      Hey, I fixed that for you. However, I need to encourage you to post your actual content on our forum instead of linking to dA. Thanks!
    3. Avispanator
      Hey Verno, I was wondering if I could use the BW scale chart you made as a signature. Thanks in advance
    4. Anti-Venom
      Thank you so much for the links. I am now watching both accounts :)
    5. Anti-Venom
      Link to your DA please! :)
    6. byrnez
      Like I said I will always remember you as being the one who added excitement to my hobby and can still view your fan fiction on its other home.
    7. byrnez
      I will always remember you as being the one who added excitement to my hobby:)
    8. byrnez
      Your description of a purple nameless Predacon fits the bill. YESSSS
    9. byrnez
    10. byrnez
      How is your Gigastorm pictured ? Trypticon being too big, what would be a suitable toy for customization ? Any close examples ? Are you able to describe him ? What scale ? Who was Rodimus interrogating in cell ? If you wish to Private message a response I promise to keep it to myself so as to not spoil your intense story unfolding.:tongue:
    11. byrnez
      My mate copyrights all his tracks that don't become vinyl as for my lyrics and art done I give much away and in good faith that if others do well from that they remember me in gratitude, but in reality a gift is a gift and for me appreciation of that gift is where its at.
    12. byrnez
      For certain it is complex to say the least and I see how your other stories are thoroughly connected. Have you copyright them yet ? because I would love hard copy for collecting purposes. For what is the point of a great toy if it has no life given to it by one's imagination:D
    13. byrnez
      Thanks for the great read and while I am here sorry for making a mess of your wall. In my attempts to sabotage myself while having a dark moment I did not for one second stop to think how it impacts on others and see now looking at others walls.:(
      On another note......KEEEEEEEP'EM coming, you make being a Beastwars fan or the more fun and I see you as my online SOURCE BOOK:cool:
    14. byrnez
      Was wondering if you would have any idea of if TAMPOGRAPH logo/insignia prints are done by the average customizer ? I bought that Universe Primal Prime as I felt it was a gamble worth taking considering it looks awesome and may be a legit release .
    15. byrnez
      Chris do you know anything about a Primal Prime Universe toy with autobot tampograph on both outside lift up animal shoulders ?
    16. byrnez
      I have my moments where I am out of my comfort zone but will always see my faults therefore do my best to change this about myself, I always respond to things and know if I react that this is reserved for other dealings in life. Differentiating the 2 is where its at for me as some things warrant reactions but a response is always well thought. I generally see what is good about situations and if I feel I have something negative to say it is usually in response to a feeling or memory of a situation which may see me react with me most times feeling like a fool for loosing my cool. I dare not hate and will always see what I did to provoke this, it is scary being right about things when I know I will address them seriously.:(
    17. byrnez
      I always find your knowledge on all things Beastwars creditable and to the disappointment of some members who see it as their sovereign right to know more:lol it is disappointing to know some of us are so driven by I own ego's that we can not take time to acknowledge what is good about others as in the case of your writing which I hold in high esteem:popcorn:bowdown:
    18. Pride21
      It's cool.

      Contacted some friends on ebay.

      One has a missile for Big Convoy.

      The other a missile for Magmatron.

      I'll just keep asking around.

      Again really appreciate it :thumb
    19. Pride21
      Person was not willing to sell.

      Thanks for keeping a lookout.
    20. byrnez
      Loved is the way I feel about X's story having felt a character as great as him had short comings in Beastwars series. In regards to other members not responding/reading well this is an injustice to themselves as I can not imagine loving Beastwars and not wanting more. And you seriously do give it all the more by being so serious about it as apposed to comedy which I prefer is left for the likes of series like the new transformers animation. I read comics and the mood is set based on fantastic art and great writing as in your stories. I wish you all the best with your work and remind you that you are a fantastic writer in the way you tackle it with such seriousness and passion for love of your hobby. Can not wait to read more.:popcorn
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