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Mar 10, 2020
    1. AshleyCuadra
      Hi awesome artwork um do you take commissions request or art trade by any chance
    2. Predaking000
      Sorry I didn't respond earlier, Venksta. I haven't been on the boards lately. I actually sold my Henkei Rodimus, so I won't need the guns. Thank you for the offer, though. If I still had the figure, I'd definitely get the guns from you.
    3. Hicks_Royel
      If you made an Action Master Over-run head sculpt to replace the Cloud Rodimus Prime head, I'd likely buy three. Add his four barrel blaster and I'd be all kinds of happy.

      Anyway, just a thought. Maybe there's no market for it.
    4. Predaking000
      Hi, Venksta--I missed your Cavalier (Classics Hot Rod) rifles when they came out. Was wondering if you ever have plans of producing more of these (hopefully in gray). Thanks and keep up all the good work!
    5. knockoff
      thanks for the add! you're an artistic beast, dude!
    6. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Thanks for letting me know - I'll keep a look out - I like the blue one and a Green one would be nice to have too.

      I like that colour as Green is not that uncommon for toys to have as a clear accent but it's also doubly useful as in a retro sense it' one of the colours of Energon and in a more modern sense it's Toxic Energon colour too.

      Since I understand you keep a close eye on the competition I was wondering have you ever heard of anyone making Hercules Pistols for the individual robots based on the G1 gun designs - much like TFC did with the not-Aerialbots ?

      I tend to display mine as individual robots so I feel their lack of recognisable pistols.
      Any ideas may I ask ?
    7. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      I had a further thought - when the gun is folded perhaps a spilt axe could sit on either side of it in some way so the black folded block becomes the core of a shield. then the blades could fit on the elongated form of the gun making an axe. The weapon has a few slots in it that look suitable to attach things.

      I'd certainly be interested in something that helps make better and more complex use of what he has.... perhaps it might be possible to find some way to attach the existing green piece as well as any additional parts you make.

      In the meantime I was wondering that nice short axe you made did you ever make that in green ? and did you ever give any thought to making a handle extender for it ?

      I got the Blue one and I saw the pink one - Green might suit Steel Core perhaps.

    8. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue

      I have been meaning to contact you for a while as I had a thought of an idea of a clear part that might be right up your alley.

      Looking at Fansproject Steelcore the gun seems quite well suited to being configured as an axe handle (and you can sort of do this with the part provided) but knowing how well you do axes I thought of you - have you considered making some axes heads that can be used with Steelcore - perhaps they can slot on to the back of his shoulder or the fore arms or other attach points too as well as the gun.

      I think that would really add a little interest to Steelcore.

      The other idea I had - it's a bit wacky - how about an Axe with a movable handle so the axe can be held but rotated around a circle or post so that figures with no wrist swivel can hold a melee weapon in more adaptable ways ? (again as with SteelCore).

      Thanks for your time.

    9. Transfan2
      Hi Venksta,
      How was your Christmas/How is your December been for you so far?

    10. TacticalBacon
      Great! How much for each set?
    11. TacticalBacon
      How kind of you :)!

      For the Bumper set, I want it in the Classics Bumblebee yellow colors. For the Hubcap set, I want it in the RTS Bumblebee orange-ish yellow colors. But before you search, what way of payment do you use?
    12. TacticalBacon
      That's ok! Missed out on the Bumper & Hubcap kits so that's why I asked. Nice to see that you're on the boards!
    13. TacticalBacon
      Cool! All of your products are nice! Do you take commissions?
    14. TacticalBacon
      Venksta, are you the creator of the Renderform products?
    15. Transfan2
      Hi Venksta,
      It was cool to meet you at Botcon 2013 and thankful for that ^^.

    16. Crimson87
      Hi Venksta,
      I remember reading somewhere a while back that you were considering a second run of Bumper/HubCap in light yellow. I don't know where to find you announcement on these anymore. Still really want a Bumper in light yellow for a replacement on my classics Bee. Have I missed out in any way or are you still considering the second run? Also forgive me if this was point out in a another thread. Just send me a link and I'll read it lickedy split.
      Grant H. AKA Crimson87
    17. SG hailstorm
      SG hailstorm
      Its totally understandable man
    18. SG hailstorm
      SG hailstorm
      Hey, I remember how you liked my TFP black shadow sketch, I was wondering if you'd want to design a prototype head to sell
    19. Murasame
      OK, thanks :)
    20. Murasame
      Good to hear. But I'm not on Facebook. I will try to keep informed in another way then ;)
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