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Jul 12, 2024 at 3:01 PM
    1. Benk
      Hi do you still have the G1 optimus prime axe avialable?
    2. Judgement prime
    3. Digger
      Hey man I just found out about the Megaempress model and that you did it and I didn’t want to get a smack on the wrist bumping that thread. But that was wicked and really well done. Also respect to you as a fellow Sakamoto fan and being inspired for the model. Plus that girl-vatron is pretty clever.
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      2. Digger
        Lucky. I’d love to meet him and maybe Oshima some day. They seem like very committed fans.
        Jun 2, 2019
      3. Venksta
        I know Sakamoto is. Hes got a wildly vast knowledge of the Transformers universe. I got to sit in on his panel at Botcon 2016. He went over how he added rare TF characters in backgrounds for the MTMTE issues he drew, most of which people never even knew about.
        Jun 2, 2019
      4. Digger
        True legend.
        Jun 2, 2019
    4. Dark Starscream
      Dark Starscream
      Hello! I would like to purchase the Thunder Struck upgrade kit, or even just the head. I can pay immediately with credit card or paypal. Is this something you can help me with? Thanks a million, I absolutely love what you created!
    5. cliffjumperftw1
      Hey I ordered one of your Galvatron sets back in I think May of last year, but I recently went overseas and need to change my shipping address, what would be the easiest way to do so?
    6. dawGTX
      hi i've paid some stuff i bought from via paypal but haven't received any confirmation. Has sent you a couple emails but no response. I tried to pm you but no response. I decided to post a here to contact you instead
    7. KittoKatsu
      Hi, I’ve paid for the galvatron upgrade last year via paypal but haven’t received any confirmation. Sent you a couple of emails over the year and recieve no response. So, I decide to contact you here instead.
    8. Optimugatron
      Greetings! I was wondering if there were any updates for the Galvatron upgrade kits and TR weapon sets. The last update I had seen said end of September. I am extremely excited for these sets I ordered. Thank you for your time.
    9. feifei689123
      Hi Venksta, I've order a copy of RFX-012 Guerilla Commander Custom Kit on your site on the 27th and made the payment via paypal on the 30th. However, I have received no confirmation from you yet so I don't know what's the status of the purchase. I tried emailing your a few times at [email protected] but haven't receive any reply. Can you please check if the order has been properly placed?
      1. Venksta
        I'll send you a PM.
        Sep 14, 2017
    10. Requiem Prime
      Requiem Prime
      In consideration of Perfect Effect's Black Ginrai, any chance you might bring back a black/gold version of your future board?
      1. Venksta
        Thought about it. I'll consider it, once the current preorders are all shipped out.
        Aug 11, 2017
    11. Hilik Himovich
      Hilik Himovich
      I'd like to buy your RW-019 for my CHUG Leader Jetfire.
      Do you have one for sale?
      1. Venksta
        Mar 15, 2017
    12. AshleyCuadra
      Hi awesome 2D and 3D modeling
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      2. AshleyCuadra
        Thanks what do you think of my OC character tieria prime
        Mar 3, 2017
      3. Venksta
        Shes got a great looking design.
        Mar 3, 2017
      4. AshleyCuadra
        Thank you I based her design off of both Optimus Prime and Arcee
        Mar 3, 2017
    13. Fallout
      hey, i vaguely remember you drawing up a classics RID strongarm head a while back, is that gonna be a product or was that just for fun?
      1. Venksta
        It was for fun.
        Nov 1, 2016
    14. kingjake11th
      and if you are i want you make a mirrored blastoff gun and can you make it a 8 pack with 2 vortex guns 2 swindle cannons 2 brawl guns and 1 original blastoff gun and a new mirrored blastoff gun
      1. Venksta
        Sorry, the weapons will be discontinued after Monday. If I come up with a cheaper design for Swindle's cannon later, I may make a different set then.
        Oct 30, 2016
    15. kingjake11th
      are you doing a set of Combaticon Deluxe Weapon 4 Pack for uw Ruination
    16. ibot
      we are a 3rd party will like work with you for designs, do you have interest?
      my email is [email protected]

    17. Sa173533
      I found it. Thanks for the reminder, anyways.
    18. Sa173533
      Hey, since you may have passed over my questions in the G2 Menasor thread, I'm going to ask them here.

      I'm planning to get the G2 Deluxe Guns and the turquoise version of The Eliminator as my first items from your store.

      I am wondering a few things, though, about ordering from your store.

      The first question is that if your order contains two or more items, does the shipping costs cover the combined items as an order or individual items?

      My second question is what are your payment methods?
    19. TacticalBacon
      Oh okay. Thanks!
    20. TacticalBacon
      It's not really that rough, it's more like it has a swirly(?) texture to it. It's only noticable up close, though.

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