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The Awakened

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Jan 25, 2020 at 7:37 AM
    1. Soundwavelover2004
      What tranformers is your profile pic its scary in a way
      1. VBBN
        Hey, it’s Josh Nizzi’s concept art of Soundwave for DOTM (referred to as “Breakdown” in the art)
        Mar 1, 2019
    2. Venixion
      the house centipede is scary
    3. Jetbolt
      Oh, personally for me I just enjoy this site a bit more. With Bionicle, I really never had any passion for it. Then with HF, my take on the characters is so far different that's its like a completely different subject. So besides posting images of the stuff I've made, there really wasn't much for me to do.

      At least I sometimes post what I've made and just focus on my transformers stuff.
    4. UNICRON2020AD
    5. Starfire22
      Pretty good here. (All weather aside however...)

      Where have you been? I thought you disappeared from the forums forever.
    6. Starfire22
      Hey remember me?

      How's it going?
    7. Saberfrost01
      You may want to remove your MOC images UNTILL the BZP contest is over. You don't want to risk a DQ for publishing your work in otherplaces while the conest is running.
    8. Beastbot X
      Beastbot X
      Alright, coolies. I wanted to update my site since due to having the flu this one was overdue, but I'll get yours up next update.
    9. Beastbot X
      Beastbot X
      That's OK, I had LASIK surgery about a week and a half ago and although my right eye is now fine (20/15), my left eye vastly over-reacted to the surgery and it's very hazy and inflammed. It's VERY slowly getting better, but I can't stay on something bright like a computer for more than 15-20 minutes without it getting strained for a while, so work on my website has been halted until I can recover from this.
    10. Insecticon
      Haha yeah that would be awkward. Still though its cool that there is another fan that's near me.
    11. Lob-Lob
      Aight, sounds good.
    12. Lob-Lob
      Would it be okay if I added you on XBL?
    13. Insecticon
      That's actually very close to where I live! I'm in Auburn Hills which is just West of Rochester.
    14. Insecticon
      Nice! So you are in Michigan also? What part? I'm from around Detroit.
    15. Insecticon
      Thanks for the add :)
    16. JacobPGalvatron
      That's good. Hope everything was okay.
      No, no feedback thread. I don't really sell things.
    17. JacobPGalvatron
      'Kay. I dropped it off at the post office.
      Hopefully, it'll arrive soon.
    18. lotussouljah
      What's good man, thanks for the add!
    19. Long_Haul
      hey bro, check out my new custom
    20. rumsawatti
      Oh thast kewl...I love racing games too...nah i dont got an xbox...i play on my cousins own when i go to his house...i bought him PGR4...so we got to play it...i dont know much bout xbox..im a sony fan LOL :D
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