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Oct 24, 2011
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Jan 11, 2021
    1. Superquad7
      Glad to help!
    2. Vanguard
      Really, setphazertostun?

      What's even more mind boggling is a person who wants to 'sell' items is too lazy to provide pictures of what he's selling, yet spends an inordinate amount of time complaining on the buyer's message board? It speaks volumes as to where your priorities lie.

      Seriously, if you're too lazy to provide pictures, just don't sell.

      There are different ways of labeling figures and with all the variants out there, 3rd party or not, I fail to see the harm in providing a picture to avoid confusion. I wasn't telling you to dig up pictures for me on the internet. I want to see a picture of what YOU are selling. Instead, you want to rely on this "just trust me" type of attitude.

      Stop contacting me. I'm not interested in purchasing any of your items.
    3. Snake_eyes1975
      Check out my Stop motion I did for 30th Strom shadow!
      30th Anniversary STORM SHADOW - YouTube
    4. Vanguard
      To the person who sent me the $50 MO for the headmasters, please contact me!! I must have deleted your email!! I got your MO today and would like to ship out. Oh damn the 100 message limit.....
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