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    1. Kaymac
      For when you cover "One Shall Rise Part 1" on Prime Time, a resource for those strange first thirteen images might help when discussing them. There are some good images on TFwiki, and I made this too: Thirteen Analysis. I'd be honored if you referred to it on Prime Time.
    2. TfAnimatedfan
      Thank you for explaining that not all fans of My Little Pony are insane.

      You would enjoy the first two episodes of My Little Pony Season 2, it's got that same "goofy" (for lack of a better term) feel to it, heroics and all. John does an excellent job, and the character (Discord) is great.

      However, everything except the opening two part premiers lack the heroic aspects. Same great writing, there are still conflicts such as dragons, hydras, and Scott McNiel. The Elements of harmony are just never touched on again until season 2 .
    3. Transfan327
      hey, um got a question.

      is it a good deal that i got a loose RID prime thats missing everything for $1.50?
    4. 13 Primes
      13 Primes
      Ok Thank you so much! for All your Help:)
    5. Gojira Prime
      Gojira Prime
      So, that floor polish for tightening ball joints trick... how do I go about applying the floor polish? I've got some cans of Pledge and idea how I'm supposed to get the stuff out of the can and on to the joint. Would a paint brush work?
    6. 13 Primes
      13 Primes
      Ok Thanks!
      Now would it be Ok If I posted a Video with clips From TF1 and TF2
      and would I be Aloud to post the other one After DOTM is Released
      Thank you so much! for taking time to answer my questions :)
    7. 13 Primes
      13 Primes
      I'm sorry to bother,:o But I was Curious About The BOOTLEG rule
      am I aloud to post a Video I did with some Videos from youtube I mixed up
      some scenes from the movies and I wanted to post it but I don't want to break the rule

      If you'r not the right Moderator to ask Please let me know
    8. Sideways77
      I'm wondering this. Is there something wrong with the podcast on I-Tunes? I tried to download episode 159, but it said the file doesn't exist.

      If something isn't wrong, I apologize fir the mistake.
    9. galvatron23
      i got a figuarts today,and thanks for the review i got SH FIGUARTS DECADE COMPLETE FORM !!
    10. Superquad7
    11. guard convoy
      guard convoy
      its a way belated birthday wish but happy belated birthday!
    12. Emotwo
      Hello, I'm a big fan of your primetime podcasts and their TFA counterparts, but I can only find any of season 3. Are there any podcasts where you and your friends discuss episodes from Season 1 and 2 of Animated?
    13. Sol Fury
    14. togaoki
      Just wondering -- I'm sure you're busy with a lot of things IRL, but are you thinking about doing the Causality not-Insecticons in a 3-part one-shot, or are you just holding out on getting them because of economic constraints?
    15. biscuits
      Hey Vangelus, I can't quite remember but is it threeA figures that you talk about in the what we got this section of the podcast? Am wandering cause they just announced a Halo line coming from them and I seem to remember you saying the figures are pretty sweet!
    16. Spiderus Prime
    17. Secretcode
      Not sure if I'll be on tomorrow, SO HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY YOU DAMN CANADA.
    18. LesterX
      How did you get to be a moderator and have a colored name?
    19. Transfan2
      Hey Vangelus,
      It was cool see you at Botcon (2011) and thanks for being nice,
      -TF2 :)
    20. Aernaroth
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