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Jan 28, 2020 at 9:56 AM
    1. ZeroEdge
      Hey man

      Since you'll be in T.O for the next little while, do you have any plans on attending FanExpo in the summer?
    2. TheDemonDzko
      So, -just- getting around to listening to the podcast. And instead of Straxus, and Terradive. Scourge, and Warpath?
    3. Kaymac
      Merry Christmas Vangelus!

      Anyways, I was searching for you on tumblr and realized you didn't have one! You should get one because I want to follow you and I'm sure other people do too!
    4. Universe265
      Merry Christmas Vangelus! Thanks for the great episodes of WTF@TFW!! keep it up!
    5. Ace Convoy
      Ace Convoy
      Transformers Fall Of Cybertron trailer - YouTube
    6. TheDemonDzko
      Say Mr.Vangelus. Would you be interested in some Mexican Coke?
    7. blackout501st
      I have the exact same problem with my G2 American release prime that you have with your united one. The gas canisters stick up in vehicle mode just enough to not look right. I've figured out a fix you could try. In vehicle mode, fold up the canisters like they would be in his backpack in robot mode, and at the bottom of the hinges that make the canisters move from side to side, all the way across the bottom of that whole grey piece, shave off some of the plastic with an exacto. The problem is is when it folds down, it bumps up against the red plastic of his back, and dose not have enough clearance to move all the way down 90 degrees. Shave some off, and it should fold down just fine.
    8. Rotorstorm
      Full Metal Hero - Photos of the rare Megas XLR statue After listening to the podcast with the creators of Megas and not finding a gallery of this online I thought I'd provide some pictures.
    9. Kaymac
      New pic pick? I think so.
    10. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      just a question but how is there not a kamen rider group here?
    11. ORIO
      <3 Vangelus
    12. ZeroEdge
      Yeah, I remember you talked about that on HJU radio. As a fan of the series, I'm really looking foreword to seeing how the movie turns out, it looks very promising from the trailer. Have you played any of the Phoenix Wright games?
    13. ZeroEdge
      Hey Vangelus, did you know Takashi Miike is doing the new Phoenix Wright movie?

      Phoenix Wright - Trailer #1 (2012) Takashi Miike - YouTube
    14. Ethereal
    15. Gojira Prime
      Gojira Prime
      I know it's not topical, but I think it would be ludicrously awesome to put this in as an intermission:

      Christopher Lee Sings! - YouTube
    16. TheDemonDzko
      So, where is the next stop of the Vangelus Mobile? Back to canadia? Or... more US adventures?
    17. JimTheJIRRMan
      Quite a fan:D loved the prime starscream review and I love the podcaasts, keep up the good work. Yesssss....
    18. Ace Convoy
      Ace Convoy
      I've found that listening to your podcast with a Musical score in the Background is quite enjoyable.

      So far I've used the Rotf,Dotm,and tron soundtracks but then I got the portal 2 soundtrack and it went to a new level...

      Official Portal 2 Website - Music

      you gotta check this out XD
    19. ShadowconLM14
      Looking forward to the upcoming episode of Prime and your thoughts on the matter.
    20. Cyber-Scream
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