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Long Live the New Flesh, 37

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Dec 5, 2021 at 5:12 PM
    1. BLOODRAGED189
      Happy Thanksgiving!
    2. netkid
      Thanks, I figured it out. It consists of parts from 1 Pheyden, 1 Buildman, 4 Blaster sets, and 4 axis joints.
    3. netkid
    4. Wingnut
      HARD CONVOY! *Whipcrack*

    5. Secretcode
    6. BigRC83
      Hey Vangelus! Any plans for a MAKETOYS Green Giant Youtube review?
    7. Dingus343
      If you could have a box set using either Prime or Generations repaints, what would be the theme, story and fiction? What toys would you use? I would have either Gobots or Spy Changers Themed Box set (cow pattern Ironhide for the win). Go nuts

      Thanks for all time you put in to this podcast, Dingus 343.

      P.S. Sorry about all the spelling problems last time hope this one is better.
    8. Optimist_Prime
      Cool. I Look forward to meeting up with you.
    9. Optimist_Prime
      Hi Chris, just wondering if you are still looking for some foam cars that came with TFCC Over-Run? If you want it I'll bring it with me to TFcon.
    10. Nemisispath
      hey; love your reviews!
    11. Purple Heart
    12. Kylehudson14
      TF: Revenge of the Lolin' by Kirbopher - YouTube
      Would this be OK to share in the vid sharing section? Like was it already shared in 2009 when ROTF came out? Or is it too strong to post on the public boards? Please respond :)
    13. Kantus Prime
      Kantus Prime
      lol Check this out
      Wall Photos | Facebook
    14. TheDemonDzko
      Hey, Chris... guess what?

      Revoltech Gurren Lagann (with Gurren Wing Ver.) | HobbyLink Japan

      Oh snaps son. Oh snaps.
    15. Kantus Prime
      Kantus Prime
      When do you think the next podcast will be up?
    16. Kantus Prime
      Kantus Prime
      Unfortunatly I don't have a twitter account, but I'm trying to reach her on Deviantart. Thank you. :)
    17. Kantus Prime
      Kantus Prime
      Hey, do you know how to reach Cally (is that her name?) about ordering a puggleformer?
    18. Kantus Prime
      Kantus Prime
      Who says "What the #%@$?!" in your podcast intro/outro song? Isn't that Sergent Hartman from Full Metal Jacket? If it is, is there a mp3 file of him saying that. Every single soundboard I find doesn't have it.
    19. Kantus Prime
      Kantus Prime
      Thank you for answering my question in the latest WTF episode, because now I really want you guys to do at least one episode like this! It should be done like a documentary "In the life of Vangelus" and follow you through pointless and awkward things someone like you would dish up and serve hot and fresh to entertain us.

      HAHA! To make it even weirder, someone should narrate this imitating David Attenborough's nature documentaries. "Here we observe the mighty Vangelus, tearing into his Fillet Mingon with great ferocity. After finishing off his prey, he discusses with his pack members on why the writers of Energon didn't have Energon Ghost Starscream interact with Alexis like Patrick Swayze in "Ghost".

      Sorry if I am being weird. I just thought you should know that Kantus Prime should never become a creative writer.
    20. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      I hope for your own good your not eating 15 Steaks a week !!
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