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    1. Bangman009
      Hi, I really enjoy your cognitive development, and a real good sense of humor in your reviews, cheers!
    2. BuzzingNeon
      If I may make a suggestion for a model kit to review, Kabaya made another wave of Brave toys, including a Dragon Kaiser who can combine with King Exkaiser. The more attention we give them, the more likely we'll get more of them (I hope.)
    3. agentSAP2006
      I know what's wrong with the back coat joint on your Crosshairs. It's probably mold flash around the joint.
    4. TedimusPrime
      Vangelus I'm sure you already know but Sentinel is apparently also doing that MegaDrive Megatron. I just saw the preorder on BBTS. So that pen won't be their first release.
      (though its weird stuff I admit)
    5. BuzzingNeon
      Has anyone ever told you that the head-shape of your icon reminds them of Otto the autopilot from "Airplane!"?
    6. BuzzingNeon
      Might be worth looking into it as a retro review. I have a few of them and they're pretty impressive pseudo-Japanese robos.
    7. BuzzingNeon
      Quick question: What are your thoughts on Lego's old Exo-Force line?
    8. RMStunticon
      Afeter thinking long and hard, I got the 2-in-1 Trash Chomper. Metalbeard is cool, and giant belegged boxes are also cool, but I couldn't resist the ol' munchy machine. That said, Thank you for all of your helps. EDIT: Just listened to podcast 288: agree with EVERYTHING you said about FP's Stunticons, Menasor, and Diesel. Whenever I look at him, I think of Classics with a bit of Movie mixed in.
    9. RMStunticon
      You might have seen this by the time of reading this message, but First Edition AOE prime has all that chrome that you were so thrilled about in the podcast. And it looks as craptacular as in the leaked photos. Very out of place what with those toy-like wheels in dark greyish.
    10. RMStunticon
      Yeah, the Lego Movie sets in general look really fun and random. The Micro Managers are some of the most awesome boxes I've ever seen. I only hope I'm going to be ready for wave 2...
    11. RMStunticon
      Hi Vangelus. I was listening to your podcast yesterday and heard you talking about the Lego Movie sets. Would you recommend Metalbeard if I'm planning to get the Sea Cow?
      (great podcast, BTW)
    12. killerbee2005
      Long time listener, first contact. Because of your Podcast I discovered so many cool toy lines. GLyos, W.O.M. ect. I even backed BMOG after your interview. But I think I found one for you. You probably already know about it but if not check out (RIVALS - Steampunk Designer Toys - Set II) on kickstarter. Fell in love with these toys. Anyhow, keep up the great work.
    13. Ejector369
      Hey Vangelus, I've decided to have my Transformers Generation 2 cartoon fan adaptation Flash-animated instead of stop-motion. Could you please rename my G2 cartoon adaptation thread "My Flash-animated Transformers G2 Cartoon Fan-adaptation"?
    14. Kaymac
      I really want to hear this as a [email protected] Intermission.

      Super Metroid - Item Room - YouTube
    15. Richform4
      Hey just an youtuber RichformO4. =)
    16. vvvTheONEvvv
      hey, is AM-26 smokescreen basically a repaint of knockout?
    17. vvvTheONEvvv
      nothing I enjoy more on tftube than watching your reviews... peaugh is great and descriptive, but you make the bots come alive! thanks for being the go-to guy when I need to sell my wife on why I want "That" TF! lol
    18. netkid
      That perfectly fine. :) is there any glyos stuff you are looking for?
    19. netkid
      Do you sell/trade Glyos at all? Just wondering.
    20. Dormamu
      Thanks, I figured as much. And as always, you :rock .
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