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    1. primestudio
      Hello podcasters. Boxart is what made me a hardcore G1 fan & discovered Diaclone art. I have tried to build an archive, but no one in the Diaclone community wants to part with any high quality scans for fear of KO's. I have heard this 12's of times. I run @Transformercard on twitter and want to do a Diaclone series. Any suggestions how to break into this fan-community?diaclone in general TY CLICK!
    2. Murderkat
      Hello vangelus and crew! I have a question to ask you. Have you ever customized your toys? Not just painting a few details but also adding more to the toy like building new parts like weapons, adding more surface detail to make it more accurate or just to make it look cooler than how it looked before. Thanks!
      Also, i have started making drawings of that combiner you and seth envisioned from episode 459.
    3. epsilon8
      podcast questions
      now with Hasbro con announced you guys believe that they will no longer have an exclusive San diego comic con figure?
      what exclusive figure you expect to see this year in San diego comic con? A tripticon with extra crome? or what wild guess you would like to see ?
    4. wheeljack00
      Hey Vangelus, I'm going to be in Tokyo next week. Can you recommend any good spots to find new/vintage transformers?
    5. Katamari Prime
      Katamari Prime
      Hello, Merry Podcasters. With the release of Masterpiece Inferno and Grapple it got me thinking. We know Takara isn't shy about reusing mold for repaints,like g2 or Ehobby. Also Generations Inferno was used for Grappel and Artfire, but the former TFCC also used the mold for Pyro/spark from Euro G1/G2. What if Takara were to use a similar idea for a masterpiece Pyro? I would like to hear your thoughts and thank you.
    6. superdaddyco
      Listener Question: Got an email from Animeexpress that MP Megatron is in stock and ready to ship out was awesome as I did not expect it to come in till late April. I saw that a lot of US buyers have received emails stating that they will have their boxes opened and an orange plug installed on the barrel.Do you think this MP was prices to be very high because they know that it will never be sold in the US market?
    7. Requiem Prime
      Requiem Prime
      Are there any key moments in our past media you can think of that would've played out differently today? In the G1 cartoon's return of Optimus Prime, he said he "had no plan" because he didn't have the matrix. Compared to some of today's cartoons, noted for their deeper characters and plots, there would've been exploring if the matrix made the prime or vice versa.
      1. Vangelus
        Like, the entire Season 3 Rodimus Prime storyline

        Multiple episodes made it rife with potential that got barely scratched before Return of Optimus Prime nullified the entire endeavor
        Mar 30, 2017
    8. HMRC4EVR
      Headmaster Don (HMRC4EVR) here! Quick listener question. Do you think it's disappointing Takara hasn't revisited Yuusha using CW/Titans Returns lines? We'll never see Brave like in the 90's, but Takara could homage characters using TF figures (Ultra Magnus/Exkaiser, Astrotrain/Da-Garn X, Liokaiser set as GaoGaiGar etc) Not perfect matches, but would be something different & another use for molds. Thanks!
    9. Bladeshadow
      Greetings, Podcasticons! Have any of you ever liked a toy due to a specific way it failed to match the source material? For example, since Nautica was introduced, I've longed for a toy of Milne's design. That wish is yet ungranted. But I find TR Nautica works extremely well if I think of it as the 1987 G1 Nautica that never was. Have any of you felt similarly about a figure? Looking forward too the discussion.
    10. Jerrimus
      Got a listener question for even team: with masterpiece megatron looming on the horizon, I find myself torn. Do I keep the DX9 enhanced leader Megs as my stand in, or take the plunge for fear of regretting it later? I'm happy with what I have, but the MP looks really nice as well. Hopefully at least one of you guys have handled said leader toy with one of the upgrade kits.
    11. Riddler87
      Just one question for you guys today, Vangelus has mentioned that he wishes the Titans Return advertisement animation would be turned into a series. He has also mentioned that he also like the Beast Machines Dinobots and would have liked to have seen them show up on the series. So I was wondering what are some of your favorite toy only/advertisement continuities?
    12. ShadowconLM14
      Hi, Vangelus and podcast crew!
      Wondering just as a layman base consumer how the online toy review scene has impacted mass market retailers and companies. I know 3rd party companies sometimes send you guys stuff to review early; is there like a process to this, or does review "job" recognition just something that happened as the internet hive mind grew from mid-2008 onwards?
      Thanks for answering whenever you do!
    13. Murderkat
      Hello vangelus and crew!. Really love your podcast. I listen to it every time i do stuff. Also, i have a few questions to ask. 1. What are your thoughts about knock off toys being in higher quality than hasbro in terms of paint and modifications?2. What are your prefered robot silhouettes? Do you have a specific preference to your bot's size or bulk?

      Looking forward to hearing your answers,
      More power to you guys!
    14. koonfasa
      You know you have to talk about the mythic legions 2 kickstarter.
    15. Requiem Prime
      Requiem Prime
      Hello podcast team. What your stance is on a toy owning its accessories? A while back I got Planet X's Neptune; didn't like him much, loved his mech-tenderizing hammers. Later I got Triton; didn't like him much, loved his thruster/cannons. Since then, the other Dinobots use their gear. Do you prefer to keep a toy's accessories for itself or play the open arsenal game?
    16. DestinedAnarky
      Hey Vangelus and crew, with the success of Combiner Wars and Titan Masters and the idea that follow-up lines need a line wide gimmick, what do you believe the odds are that any future lines will use Micromaster combiners? I think it would be a fun gimmick to combine the vehicle modes and a nice follow-up to the Prime Wars trilogy, if not part three of the trilogy. Thanks for any answers provided.
    17. captainnedloh
      You sir, make my day when I watch your videos. Keep up the good work.
    18. FortMax123
    19. Spiderus Prime
      Spiderus Prime
      Hey Vangelus, when you are doing reviews for Titans Return?
    20. Titantron
      Hi Vangelus,

      All of the videos posted on the Transformers Video Discussion board are coming up as black rectangles. It's not just my new ones, it goes all the way back to my first post. I've noticed that others in this board are experiencing the same thing.

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