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    1. Minnemagnus
      Vangelus, I've got a ticket. Not for speeding. I hope you know what I'm referring to.
    2. GingaMagnus
      Hey vang what's up man!!
    3. Koolimus Prime
      Koolimus Prime
      Yes, all of my usernames suck. :dunce
    4. Koolimus Prime
      Koolimus Prime
      Vangelus :bowdown:, do you know what TJ Omega's username is here at TFW?

      I'm theprimo100 from youtube, BTW.:wink:
    5. UnicronFTW
      Well, I went and tried out your Omega Spreem video again. The page takes forever to load, the audio isn't synchronized with the video, and the video itself looks like stopmotion, due to the audio trying to catch up with itself, I guess. The whole website is so slow for me that even scrolling is a hassle.
      Ah well, guess I'll just have to hold out.
    6. UnicronFTW
      I'll look into that, see if it makes a difference.
      And I guess I understand wanting to avoid duplication.
    7. UnicronFTW
      I would message you on youtube... if I had an account there. XD But I have a question.
      I know that you've been posting quite a few videos over at, but, is there any chance that you're planning to post them on youtube as well?
      I'm just curious, because I love your reviews, and I want to see as many of them as I can... but Blip has never worked on my computer. Not trying to push you into doing something, I'm just curious if you've already made plans to do so. Cause that'd rock.
    8. Stryker055
      Hey, love your reviews and your work on the podcast. Keep up being awesome, my friend!
    9. TheDemonDzko
      Awesome stuff. ^_^
    10. TheDemonDzko
      Woah... I guess I never noticed it before. XD Geeze i'm out of touch. Oh I picked up Terradive today. Do you have any issues with the figure?
    11. TheDemonDzko
      ._. Vang, when did you get moderator powers?
    12. Fairlady_Z
      If Netflicks Canada has Avatar the Last Airbender - WATCH IT! Knowing how much you like anime, Vang, this is basically what a show can do that takes the best conventions of anime storytelling and mixes it with the best of Western storyboarding and animation. I recently just finished watching all three seasons and I'm still in awe. It may just be the best Western cartoon of this past decade (or at least the top 5). Zuko's journey alone it worth the price of admission. I love how all the element bending styles are based on real martial arts styles.
    13. Mysteriousdewd
      How you likin the snow outside Vangelus? Random little snowstorm for victoria today.
    14. jetfire prime
      jetfire prime
      Keep up the great podcast sir! My friends and I have our own podcast, and WTF@TFW greatly influences me to keep on going
    15. TFanPage101
      Brian Here, You Havent Accepted My Friend Request Yet?

      Go Canada
    16. [Wing_Saber-X]
      Yo V! :D
      do you like the DOTM toys see so far?
    17. Wingnut
      I was wondering if anyone had provided you a subject for your Bieber Figure review yet?
    18. Uigobb1209
      Vangelus , what do u think about repro label
    19. Transquito
      Your podcasts always put a smile on my ugly mugg..
      I salute you for that, Internet Personality Vangelus :D
      Keep on truckin' .. o_o
    20. Kaymac
      [IMG] GIFSoup
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